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  • Why did I wait until 2012 to get into Andromeda?????????

    First of all let me just say that I am as about as big a fan of Science Fiction as it gets. I can be just as self absorbed, over opinionated, and as well deluded as the next person when it comes to waxing lyrical. But really, there is no need. Andromeda gets such a bad rap, that I too fell foul of taking on board all the negativity surrounding it and never gave it a look until 2012, STUPID me. This show is really one of a kind, as long as you don't have any pre-conceptions and go into with an open mind. I love the Roddenberry Universe, and no one is telling me that Deep Space 9 is not the best show in any universal dimension. But in the parallel Roddenberry universe where things aren't quite as serious and deep, then Andromeda rules.

    Mr. High Guard himself, Dylan Hunt, is no Sisko or Picard and definitely no Janeway. Although there is a bit of Tiberius about him, as Eddie Murphy would say "You gotta be a horny motherf***r to f***k a green bitch". Although he does lead an assortment of real cool ship mates in his quest to re-assemble the long dead commonwealth. It's all good but for me, Seamus Zelazny Harper played by Gordon Michael Woolvett, is an absolute Star. Also, Rommie would give Seven a good run for her money in the whole "resistance is futile" stakes. And without giving anything else away, the rest of the cast all fit in really well.

    It may not be as cerebral as the Trek stuff, but has just as much right to its existence. I am coming up to the end of season four, and although it may not get to me in the same way as the final season of DS9. I have a feeling that the end of season five is going to be like saying goodbye to an old friend. I came to Andromeda after finishing BSG. In much the same way I was late onto BSG due to some things I read about the remake, again, stupid me. BSG is up there with DS9 for me, and it was great getting into Andromeda as a tonic for all the heavy emotional journey, yet brilliance of BSG.

    Anyway, there I go doing the thing I said I would not, and mouthing off to the world like some film critic who thinks that his opinion is worth anything at all. Seriously though, Andromeda is really good fun. Just ignore all the negativity, ignore me and my opinion, and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.