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Season 3 Episode 22

Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (1)

Aired Unknown May 12, 2003 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (1)

When the Andromeda is attacked by the Dragons to receive the bones of Drago Musevini something seems array. Dylan then discovers that Tyr has united all of the Nietzschean people under his son, the genetic reincarnation of Drago Musevini.

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  • I was an Atheist but...

    my prayers were answered when this season ended thereby proving that a merciful god existed.

    There were perhaps 2 episodes I enjoyed this season, the rest of the time I spent cringing, eye rolling and sighing.

    So in summary:

    Dylan spends the season chasing any guest star with mammary glands like he was getting paid for it, even outdoing Beka.

    The lame comedy (used to dismiss better plans of action) in the middle of crises together with jeopardizing the ship/mission/crew for personal (often romantic) reasons brake any premise that these are competent intergalactic heroes.

    You see rev again (and hear his annoying theme music)

    Tyr says adios while making season 3 Dylan (aka Captain Hercules) look even dumber.

    Prior to this season -I was willing to chalk up not using a Nova bomb to stop the Nietzschean Rebellion, self destructing 22 Nova bombs or the dozen other militarily sound roads not taken because of moral or ethical considerations but now I retroactively attribute them to stupidity and incompetence brought on by terrible writers.

    In regards to the final:

    While I understand that not all senior commanders in a military organization can be 'good' however there is a limit to how far you can milk that.

    -Massive fleet of known enemies enters another enemy's system.

    -You are in contact with one of your ships in that system so intel is readily available.

    -You arrive with your fleet and find it totally and ridiculously outnumbered.

    -Rather than withdraw or providing cover for your ship in system and then withdrawing; you engage a superior force.

    -While your fleet is being blown up, you take the time to order your ship that was in the system already (and which is supposed to be one of the most powerful in the known universe) to not engage and literally watch you blow up.

    -You and your fleet (containing your government's most powerful warships) are now dead, and you have possibly doomed dozens of your worlds to enslavement or destruction.

    I'm now going to watch season 4, may Athena help me.moreless
Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell

Lt. Bowlus

Guest Star

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Jane Rollins

Guest Star

J.R. Bourne

J.R. Bourne

William Ataturk Fleet Marshall of the Drago-Kazov

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The scene where Andromeda attacks the other ships to help Tyr Anasazi escape is taken from the episode "Angel Dark, Demon Bright" when Andromeda is destroying the Nietzschean Fleet.

    • Goof: Andromeda lists some of the approaching enemy ships as belonging to the Bokor. In the episode "Dance of the Mayflies", the Bokor is actually a microscopic organism that reproduces by invading living beings and kills them in order to utilize their bodies. Therefore, the Bokor have no set ship designs by which to identify them. Unless she scanned the lifeforms on all the approaching ships, there's no way Andromeda could have known the Bokor were involved in the attack.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Tyr: Hesitation, Dylan... five minutes ago, this wouldn't of been an issue. Hesitation is weakness, and you, sir... YOU... my friend... have always made me... hesitant. And I am not fond of you for it.
      Dylan: Yes... I know.
      Tyr: If we do this... if I go back there with you... it will be the last time. Then... it is over.
      Dylan: Promises, promises.

    • Dylan: Nice toy. Mr Harper, I want one of those.

    • Tyr: (on Enga's Redoubt) I would have expected you sooner.
      Dylan: And I would have expected your loyalty. Looks like we'll both be disappointed.

    • Tyr: Now go while I can still admire you.

    • Tyr: You are a beautiful man. A valiant man.

    • Harper: What did I ever do to you?
      Tyr: You made me laugh.
      Harper: No I didn't.
      Tyr: Yes, you did. Just not out loud. (He smiles) And I hope you have the chance to do it again.

    • Dylan: When we meet again, friends or enemies?
      Tyr: Dylan Hunt (puts his fist to his chest), live well.
      (Tyr leaves)
      Dylan: Live well, Tyr Anasazi.

    • Tyr: The Dragans there, on Enga's Redoubt are standing in the way of a better Nietzschean future. If I act now: if I strike at this moment, I can correct that.
      Dylan: Maybe. But I'd be letting happen to the Dragans what happened to your Pride: wiping them out because they're in the way.
      Tyr: They are in the universe's way. Like every empire since the dawn of history, they've had their day.
      Dylan: Well, that's not your decision to make.
      Tyr: No, it's yours!

    • Trance: I am frightened, Tyr. I'm frightened for me, frightened that I will not succeed at what I need to do. But I'm also frightened for you--that you're going to do the wrong thing.

    • Trance: I feel that we are nearing the end.

    • Trance (to Tyr): There is an old story. Fate travels to a distant planet looking for a man. We do not know if it is good or bad, this Fate, but the man fears this Fate: his Fate. So the day before Fate arrives, he takes off for the planet Xinti. Fate arrives at the man's doorstep, and asks the man's family where he has gone. And the family replies that he has left for the planet Xinti. Fate says, 'Now I understand.' And the family looks at Fate without understanding; Fate simply says, 'Tomorrow, we have an appointment in Xinti.' Your Fate is waiting for you.
      Tyr: On the Andromeda?
      Trance: I don't know.

    • Beka: Why did you do it, Tyr? Why did you throw away three years of work. Three years of fighting for survival--of friendship?
      Tyr: Beka, I may have thrown away more in coming back here than I ever did in leaving. And there's just no time to explain that any further.
      Beka: Tyr, we may not get out of this. I think you owe me an explanation.

    • Tyr: I'll tell you a secret. I've lived with you. I've fought beside you... fought with you. I've often wished you were a Nietzschean.
      Beka: What am I now? Nothing. They say it takes a minute to find something special in a person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them. But it takes an entire life to forget them.
      Tyr: Beka, I wish that I could explain...
      Beka: Forget it, Tyr. Go fix the ship.

    • The Kingdom was called Contrary.
      The Castle was called Doubt.
      The Twin Giants who lived there
      were named Deceit and Despair.
      Every change in the weather
      brought Rain and Hope.

      The Cairn of Darkness and the Light,
      CY 1015.

  • NOTES (3)