Season 3 Episode 22

Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (1)

Aired Unknown May 12, 2003 on Syfy

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  • I was an Atheist but...

    my prayers were answered when this season ended thereby proving that a merciful god existed.

    There were perhaps 2 episodes I enjoyed this season, the rest of the time I spent cringing, eye rolling and sighing.

    So in summary:

    Dylan spends the season chasing any guest star with mammary glands like he was getting paid for it, even outdoing Beka.

    The lame comedy (used to dismiss better plans of action) in the middle of crises together with jeopardizing the ship/mission/crew for personal (often romantic) reasons brake any premise that these are competent intergalactic heroes.

    You see rev again (and hear his annoying theme music)

    Tyr says adios while making season 3 Dylan (aka Captain Hercules) look even dumber.

    Prior to this season -I was willing to chalk up not using a Nova bomb to stop the Nietzschean Rebellion, self destructing 22 Nova bombs or the dozen other militarily sound roads not taken because of moral or ethical considerations but now I retroactively attribute them to stupidity and incompetence brought on by terrible writers.

    In regards to the final:

    While I understand that not all senior commanders in a military organization can be 'good' however there is a limit to how far you can milk that.

    -Massive fleet of known enemies enters another enemy's system.

    -You are in contact with one of your ships in that system so intel is readily available.

    -You arrive with your fleet and find it totally and ridiculously outnumbered.

    -Rather than withdraw or providing cover for your ship in system and then withdrawing; you engage a superior force.

    -While your fleet is being blown up, you take the time to order your ship that was in the system already (and which is supposed to be one of the most powerful in the known universe) to not engage and literally watch you blow up.

    -You and your fleet (containing your government's most powerful warships) are now dead, and you have possibly doomed dozens of your worlds to enslavement or destruction.

    I'm now going to watch season 4, may Athena help me.