Season 4 Episode 6

Soon the Nearing Vortex (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 2003 on Syfy



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    • Dylan: (referring to Tyr) You still care for him?
      Beka: About as much as you can care for a self-centered, self-important Nietzschean.

    • Rommie: However, Tyr has also been devious an equal number of times.
      Harper: And probably more, if you count the times he could have been so devious we never even found out about it!

    • Tyr: There's a first time for everything, Dylan.
      Dylan: And there's a last time too, Tyr.

    • Harper: Wow, except from waking up next to a certain satisfied android, now I've seen everything!

    • Dylan: What's passed is past.

    • Beka: Is it just me or does it seem a lot smaller from the outside?

    • Trance: It holds promise, as a way into the Abyss. A way to defeat the darkness.

    • Trance: I can't wait for Beka to be back on board.
      Harper: I'll bet she can't wait, either. Just five minutes with Anasazi can be a yawn-fest. She's probably even bored to TYR-s. (Everyone stares at him) Tears? Tyr? Anyone? (More looks)
      Rhade: I get it. It's funny!
      Harper: Huh! See? Nice to have you on board!

    • Aurelia: You are Dylan Hunt. And through me, you are found.

    • Once you give into the void,
      space itself becomes time.

      Once you give into the void,
      many are the mouths of reality.

      New Century Manifesto,
      CY 4001.

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    • Doctor Who:

      Beka's reference that it looked smaller from the outside could be a possible reference to the time travel machine the TARDIS from Doctor Who, in which the inside is bigger than the outside. The TARDIS looks like an old fashioned phone booth, which is also similar in appearance to the building Dylan and his crew visit.