Season 5 Episode 5

The Eschatology of Our Present

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2004 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • Virgil Vox: No reason to fear. Awareness has chosen you to watch. Listen. Learn. As you know more and more, you'll question more and more, which seems a paradox, but isn't. So. Are you ready now to receive my message? Millennia passed when everything was nothing. Enigma realizes itself. The Vedran mind comes into being. It constructed planets and suns, the nonpareil of their creations. A place of peace. Refuge in the universe caught in the chaos of selfishness. The Seefra System was born. And the Vedrans seperated it from all other things, isolated it for it to flourish. But nothing can withstand the corruptions of desire. Inhabitants began fighting for what they already had. The Vedran, almost all, left their creation behind to learn from their mistakes, which were many. And the Vedran creators closed off all escape and entree. Imbued their people with fear of the very technologies that could free them. Centuries later, now, the suns are failing. You are key to their salvation.
      Beka: What? How can that be?
      Virgil Vox: Because you're from this place, as we all are. You are to secure the Methus Plate, the original architecture of the twin suns. Give them to the one who led you here. But to get the Methus Plate, you must trust, even in the face of your fears.
      Beka: How?
      Virgil Vox: Reveal who you are.