Season 5 Episode 22

The Heart of the Journey (2)

Aired Unknown May 13, 2005 on Syfy

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  • The Heart of the Journey (2) - a change of heart and a change of mind!!

    I wrote a negative review but after recently just watching the episode again, I felt that it was really unfair to allow some disappointments to spoil the rest so I've decided to re-edit my review. The real heart of the entire story was about friendship, loyalty, hope and love and throughout the show all the characters stayed true to form.

    Dylan Hunt was a hero that might have been a stickler for protocol but he thankfully never carried it out like all the typical military type shows, he was a good natured down to earth guy who just had a dream bigger than the universe, to bring back the commonwealth after 300 years. He relied on a group of people who were civilians and not soldiers and from here onwards we really start to enjoy the show with all its unpredictabilities. So with all the different personalities on board we eventually get to see them finding common ground despite the fact that not everyone had the same goals.

    Tyr was an interesting character, he was the only character who didn't like Dylan as much as the others. Their views differ greatly and they were as different as day and night. Tyr was a mercenary, he did what he had to do to stay alive, he was intelligent but he was also a dangerous foe!! Dylan was idealistic, with a lot of flaws because he geniunely believed in the good of mankind which is very unusual in a man who was a soldier and a military commander all his life, you would expect someone like that to be more cynical like Tyr and less trusting or earnest, but despite those flaws, he wasn't the type to just issue orders as a leader, he gave as good as he got and was always thinking ahead of time regardless how tenuous or how hopeless it seemed at times, he just never gave up trying and had a armourful of neat tricks and ideas to keep the crew and story alive. I know that Kevin was accused of hogging the limelight but honestly Dylan Hunt always had a way to liven things up wherever he goes and like it or not, he was good at it with his natural charm and flair its hard not to like seeing him in all the scenes. Not all the lead actors are fun to have around but for this particular series, Kevin Sorbo did a great job with Dylan Hunt's character!!!

    Right up until the very end of the show, friendship always stood out in the end!! It wasn't the laser beam battles, it wasn't the quirky impossible sci fi technology that everyone wanted to see more of, it was just a message that the creaters wanted to project and the message could not have been more clearer to me. Nothing beats a good friendship, love and loyalty. We all want that in everyday life. Not everyone is a great friend but the few that you have, you keep and treasure for life.

    That's why I enjoy the series, not because I'm a big sci-fi fan or a big Kevin Sorbo fan either, I just like a good story with a lot of fun action adventures, I'm not into all the blood and gore and violence we see so much of on tv. The Andromeda is refreshingly honest and lovable.

    I further want to add that the entire cast was fantastic, and Kevin Sorbo, had the most amazing personality that I've ever seen in a really long time. I wasn't such a big fan of "Hercules"....not my kind of show but this one was really great!!! I hope that he will find his way back to entertaining on another great epic, similar to this one!! Although I have a feeling that everyone including the lead actors are super happy and relieved that it was time to end the show but you can't help feel a little sad at the same time for the entire cast with Dylan's final salute and goodbye!! Like the character Trance, you feel both happy and sad -in that final moment, when everyone left the set, it felt right to see Kevin standing alone!!! I had a lot of empathy for Dylan Hunt with a zillion sparks of emotions shown clearly in his exhausted tired eyes but those final moments when he has his back to viewers with raised hands in victory revealing tearful joy was truly heartfelt!! This was a man and an actor with a big heart!!!

    Congratulations to all even though this final show could have had a different ending in so many different ways and they simply chose this one so thank you Andromeda and Kevin Sorbo, it was a fun ride till the very end!!

    Meanwhile, I'm going to sit back and continue to watch all the episodes I missed, despite the fact that the show is probably in archives collecting dust!!
  • Don't get me wrong, I love Andromeda; I just hate what they've done with it.

    I love this show. I remember the first time I saw Trance, enjoying seeing Kevin Sorbo agian after Hercules ended, seeing a new scifi show that had so much potential.

    Unfortunatly, the potential wasn't lived up to. Instead of the show ending with a new Commonwealth, it ended with a bunch of nonsense and Kevin Sorbo yelling "Five Years!".

    In the beginning, Andromeda had continuity. Things added up and payed off. But the series finale felt rushed. The events from the season that we thought would go somewhere went nowhere. It all felt rushed and just left me saying "huh?".

    The worst part is that it could have been better. The powers that be fired Robert Hewitt Wolfe so that they could create episodic stories with little continuity with Dylan Hunt at the center. If you want to know how Andromeda should have been done, Read Robert Hewitt Wolfe's Coda:
  • This is an excilent example of a open ended ending. I would personally enjoy if they took and made a sequal based on this series.

    They took all the questions and made more out of the answers. for everything that got tied back together theres a screwie conclusion to it. this episode is one of my favorates. what is most interesting about it is that it was aired for the first time in the unitied states of america on the same day as Star Trek: Enterprise's finally. whats interesting is they were both made by the same man, Gene Rodenberry.