Season 2 Episode 20

The Knight, Death, and the Devil

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 2002 on Syfy
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The Knight, Death, and the Devil

Having learned of a POW camp containing a fleet of captured High Guard warships from the fall of the Commonwealth, Dylan mounts a rescue mission but arrive to find out that the ships are not willing to serve anyone including the restored Commonwealth.

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  • Excellent!

    This was an excellent episode! It seems to me the series is at its best when it brings in elements from the original Systems Commonwealth. As little as they do it so far in the series, its hard to believe there is little left over from a government that spanned 3 galaxies, had over a million member worlds, and lasted 10,000 years that has only been gone 300 years. Its nice when we get a taste! The new Commonwealth was going to need a navy and Hunt found one! I like the twist of Ryan getting the chance to redeem himself by becoming the Wraith of Achilles. It was a good move as well by Dylan to extend the command of the ship to Ryan, which I think will be a step further towards full independence for the AIs. This episode had great acting, a great plot, and I think is probably the best I've seen so far.moreless

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    • Harper: Like father, like simulacrum. And it's so easy, even a child could do it – a child with an IQ of 187, but a child nonetheless.

    • Ryan: Since when did AI stand for Artificial Insanity?!

    • Beka: The last rabbit I pulled just made things worse. I'm all out of hats. They want Dylan. I'm not him.
      Trance: Well, why not just be Beka?

    • (As the Nietzscheans are firing at Ryan and Dylan, the Achilles AI walks towards them from the side, and raises his Force Lance)
      Achilles AI: Good afternoon gentlemen. Time to die!

    • Harper: And you're off the air.
      Beka: Do you think they brought it?
      Harper: What, are you kidding?
      (The General Secretary's image reappears on the main screen)
      Harper: You were great! You do Dylan, better than Dylan! I brought it!
      General Secretary: So did I. Until just now.
      Harper: (Looks at equipment) Oh, crap!

    • (Speech given by Beka as Dylan)
      Beka: General Secretary, Assembled Delegates. Thank you for your patience. I know you have concerns, I know you have questions. How can a restored Commonwealth stand, where the Old Commonwealth fell? How can a few small worlds, even united under one flag, stand against the Nietzscheans, the Kalderans, and the Magog. Here's what I know. If we don't try, we will remain history's orphans. Doomed to annihilation and obscurity. The only question that matters, is do we try together, or fail, alone.

    • Dylan: Very efficient Ryan.
      Ryan: Lancer Corp, Sir. Can't be inefficient. Not in the budget.

    • (After roughly emerging from slipstream)
      Rommie: Well Tyr, if I ate food, you'd be wearing it right now!
      Tyr: Lovely imagery. And they say AI's have no poetry in their souls.
      Rommie: No, no poetry, but we're hell on wheels with a dirty limerick. Wanna hear one? 'There once was a man from Nan...'

    • A soldier's first battlefield
      is always his own mind.

      Admiral Constanza Stark,
      CY 9762.

  • NOTES (2)


    • "Knight, Death and the Devil" is a engraving masterpiece of German artist Albrecht Dürer, first printed in 1513 AD.

    • Ryan: Tartarus. They're in Tartarus. (Dylan looks puzzled) What's wrong?
      Dylan: Nothing. Deja vu.

      This is a reference to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, which starred Kevin Sorbo in the title role and Michael Hurst (Ryan) as his best friend Iolaus. The show followed the heroes as they attempted to protect their fellow men from the capricious Greek Gods, as well as other dangers. In Greek mythology, Tartarus is part of the Underworld, the place where those who King Hades judges to have lived evil lives spend eternity in torment.

    • The Wrath of Achilles:

      A reference to Homer's epic The Iliad. Achilles was the Greek's greatest warrior, and the poem's main theme is his rage and how it affects the Trojan war.