Season 1 Episode 12

The Mathematics of Tears

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2001 on Syfy
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The Mathematics of Tears

The crew encounters a High Guard ship almost identical to the Andromeda, the Pax Magellanic.

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Monika Schnarre

Monika Schnarre

Lieutenant Jill Pearce

Guest Star

Douglas O'Keeffe

Douglas O'Keeffe

Captain Warrick

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Nathaniel Deveaux

Nathaniel Deveaux

Dutch Captain

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Nitpick: Why is it we can hear the android crews' servos loudly whirring every time they move after they've been revealed as machines, but all their movements were silent while everyone thought they were real humans?

    • Goof: Tyr is clearly on board the Andromeda when Dylan and the others learn the truth about the Pax's crew. However, he magically appears on the Maru when they are being attacked. It's possible he flew a slipfighter over to the Maru and snuck on board without anyone noticing, but if so, he got over there extremely quickly!

    • Dylan's life-long hero was Sani Nax Rifati who was a Vedran fleet commander who instituted many of the reforms that changed the Vedran Empire into the more benevolent form known as the Commonwealth.

    • Andromeda says that she has learned that it is dangerous to love and then cries. At the end of this season she will once again fall in love "Star-Crossed" and cry again.

    • The Avatar of the Pax Magellanic was named Maggie.

    • The Pax Magellanic was exactly the same as the Andromeda Ascendant, however, she was gold colored.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Rev: I've discovered something disturbing about Lt. Pearce.
      Harper: What, that she's a psychotic android with a grudge?
      Rev: I was going to say that she's not on the crew manifest.

    • Harper: Well, that's really sad that a whole world had to die, but you look great!

    • Tyr: You're risking your lives to save a machine?
      Beka: She's not just a machine, she's family.

    • Ensign: Captain on deck!
      (Everyone comes to attention and salutes Dylan)
      Dylan: As you were. (to Beka) You know, I don't need the saluting, but I *like* the saluting.
      Beka: Yeah.
      Ensign: Captain Hunt, may I say it's a pleasure to have you on board, sir.
      Dylan: Thank you, ensign.
      Ensign: Sir, I've taken the liberty to prepare a briefing report on the status of the ship. Page One summarizes our current situation. Now, if you need more information, of course we have prepared supplementary texts explaining everything we have done to modify this ship over the last three hundred years.
      Dylan: Thank you, ensign.
      Ensign: Also, sir, we've taken the liberty to prepare quarters for your use while you're on the ship. You'll find fresh linens already on the bed and fresh coffee on the desk in your office.
      Dylan: That is very considerate of you.
      (The ensign salutes Dylan again and walks away)
      Dylan: Now, that's an ensign.
      Beka: You like that?
      Dylan: What's not to like?

    • Beka: Once a century... Wow, they get less action than you, Harper.
      Harper: Ha ha ha. No, they don't.

    • Rommie: Back there you prayed for her soul. Do you believe AIs have souls?
      Rev Bem: I believe anything that can love has a soul. Have you ever felt love?
      Rommie: I've learned that it's dangerous to love. It can drive you crazy.
      Rev Bem: Then perhaps that's what tears are for.

    • Dylan: (looking at the android bodies strewn across the floor) What happened?
      Beka: You missed Tyr's cavalry act.
      Tyr: They were playing Wagner. It's the most fun I've had in about six months!

    • If hope is the engine of the soul,
      then duty is the navigator...
      And love is the fuel.

      High Guard Supreme Commander
      Sani nax Rifati
      "Persuasions and Exortations"
      circa CY 4279.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Der fliegende Hollander:

      The opera Lieutenant Pearce plays for Dylan is Der fliegende Hollander, or The Flying Dutchman, by Richard Wagner. In it, it tells the story of a sea captain who is cursed to sail the seas until he can find a woman whose love who will be true to him until death.

    • Fatal Attraction:

      The fact that Jill Pearce is mildly obsessed with opera is a nod to the movie Fatal Attraction, which also involved a blond woman (Glenn Close) driven insane by a failed romance. The woman in the movie had an opera obsession, as well.

    • Mandelbrots:

      Mandelbrots are named after the French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, who invented much of the branch of mathematics concerning fractals. Fractals are important in many fields, such as fluid dynamics, including describing the flow of tears down a cheek.

    • Herodotus:

      The planet "Herodotus" was named after a famous ancient Greek historian from Halicarnassus (modern day Bodrum, Turkey). He is known as "the Father of History" (as well as "the Father of Lies"), and was one of the first people to write history from an modern standpoint rather than from the earlier heroic/mythological view. As such, he traveled through Greece, Ionia and Egypt, which was part of the Persian Empire to get as many first hand accounts as possible to use as sources for his writing. His history of the Persian Invasions of Greece under Darius and his succesor Xerxes is considered a classic of world literature.