Season 5 Episode 15

The Opposites of Attraction

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 2005 on Syfy



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    • Harper: (as Dylan jacks into the AI mainframe) Okay, enjoy your date with data. Don't forget to use a conduit.

    • Rhade: (when Beka questions his course) Crashing into 4% of a sun is still 100% fatal, so I'll take the extra six minutes, thank you!
      Beka: Suit yourself. (pretends to cough) Wuss!
      Rhade: I heard that!

    • Beka: (when Rhade says he's taking the day off) Don't be like that! Give me a hand. (Rhade claps for her, then starts to walk away) Come on, Rhade! Rhade, don't make me do it.
      Rhade: I'm busy.
      Beka: You know, I WILL play the 'Matriarch Card'. Rhade, help me... NOW! (he reluctantly turns back) Good boy.
      Rhade: (he tosses her a canister, them walks away) Sorry, my Nietzschean loyalty is running just a bit low today.

    • The hero may find an interval of rest
      on the island of the nymph,
      forgetting comrades and ship and home.
      Until, recalled to his great quest,
      he puts again to sea.

      Aimelin Zol,
      "Tropes of the Ancients",
      CY 9857.

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