Season 4 Episode 11

The Torment, the Release

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 2004 on Syfy
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The Torment, the Release

Tri-Lorn demands Dylan to surrender himself to the Commonwealth for several alleged crimes, including his failure to turn over Rhade, who had been arrested by the Collectors before Dylan broke him out of prison. He is put on trial, and his crew are forced to testify against him. But an unexpected ally just might help them all out of this mess, if they can trust him...


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  • As story goes, this is another great instalment in the series. We finally get to see the ugly side of the commonwealth. Not surprising in this season, that things will go awry and will turn nasty against Dylan!!moreless

    In this season, Trance does warn Dylan that he will eventually betray the commonwealth. As the story moves forward, we ride along with Dylan Hunt and the crew into further battles and adventures, but as usual the smart crew of the Andromeda outwits the bad guys but each victory becomes more challenging and difficult choices under extreme circumstances take a nasty turn when members of the commonweath take steps to take a nasty bite out of each victory by forcing Dylan to surrender to a trial to face charges of treason against the commonwealth.

    What I love about this episode is that eventually nasty politics would have a hand in making things difficult for Dylan and the crew. It makes the story just a little more complicated and the drama more fun and interesting to watch.

    I think the writer for this episode (Bob Engels) did a terrific job in writing this one and letting us see just how bad things can appear through the eyes of a corrupt politician. The Collector guy is one creepy nasty guy but even more enticing is that we also get to know that underneath all the nastiness lies a fear with all that is evil from all that is good. You see that in the eyes of the Collector who wants to destroy Dylan who is standing in his way to control the commonwealth. This is a battle of one supremely evil and stupid twit who truly believed he had control of the dice he rolled to defeat and ruin a hero who will always fight to win.

    I think in this episode Captain Hunt really earned another medal, mainly for that extra courage he needed to go the extra mile by facing a string of unfair charges and accusations with a great deal of dignity and grace. Kevin Sorbo really did a terrific job in setting the stage for Dylan's defense with such simple but very inspiring and uplifting words. It was beautifully done.

    I applaud the crew for their efforts in standing together as a team and using very amusing methods to deflect the Collector's attempts to destroy Dylan. This brings to mind "sticks and stones".... For the crew to decide to fight for control of Andromeda and rescue their captain and get the hell out of dodge would have been the smart choice but it was smarter for Dylan to fight for the commonwealth and to see if there was anyone left he could count on to take on the most dangerous enemy - the Magog worldship!!

    Dylan was found guilty which was painful and sad to hear but not surprising that the verdict would go against him. What was surprising is to learn that someone in the commonwealth was strong and brave enough to make a stand and to help Dylan in his quest to destroy the real enemy within the old commonwealth and to rebuild a new and stronger one.

    Those final moments when the Andromeda surrounded by commonwealth ships bravely takes a stand against a fleet of ships ready to fight was quite a turning point. No one could have predicted the outcome that one day in the series the crew would have to fight against the commonwealth who signed on for the common good to rid the universe of the Magog worldship!!

    Nevertheless we see a battle before us in this episode, and so when the battle begins, Andromeda is left with no choice but to confinue to defend itself, and to fight its own battles alone if they must, so it would seem but it made a nice change to have a "friend" step in to intercept the commonwealth plans to destroy the Andromeda and so it was "just-defyingly" nice to see a fleet of ships surround the Andromeda like a protective shield to guide and lead them away from the bad "commonwealth fleet" to a future and freedom.

    It was a wonderful and uplifting moment to finally see a friendly face in space that Dylan and the crew can count on and to have a new commonwealth to finally take the place of the old one and Dylan's dreams of hope finally has a chance to carry them through to the next adventure. For a space show, it has a really terrific team of actors and terrific stories!!moreless

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    • Tri-Jema: I'm trying to look at things differently. The only way to beat a temptation is to give in to it. What is the saying? 'Different courses for different horses?'
      Dylan: Tri-Jema, that is neither the saying nor the solution. Look, if we all gave in to our temptations there would be no order, only chaos.

    • Pish: I'll ask the questions.
      Trance: I will as well, but I will have the answers.

    • Beka: (to Pish) He was making a joke. You gotta know about jokes - you are one.

    • Lipp-Sett: Ah, the uninvited co-conspirator. Tell me about this. (Plays a clip of Harper from Rommie's files) Care to elaborate? The weapon is hidden on your ship, is it not?
      Harper: Well, see, on Earth, the only planets visible in the night sky to the un-enhanced naked eye are Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus, which is the gold one.
      Lipp-Sett: You continue this, Mr Harper, you bury your Captain... you stand there defiant?
      Harper: Hey, I'm sweating here! Like a glazed ham, which I could really go for right now and a nice cold bottle of...
      Lipp-Sett: What role did you play in Captain Hunt's traitorous actions? (Pause. Harper says nothing) Speak! The court awaits.
      Harper: All right, the Andromeda, like any other ship, runs on hydrogen and anti-protons, or AP. The hydrogen combines with the AP, in controlled reactors, to create anti-matter/matter reactions or matter/anti-matter reactions- either way, it makes no matter, but what it does make is power, for the ship; a few hundred megawatts. Most of the power is used to power the GMG which reduces the effective mass to just under a kilogram-
      Lipp-Sett: Stop!
      Harper: A smaller chunk of the power is used to accelerate more hydrogen in a dozen magneto-plasma dynamic drives which creates the thrust - a thrust of of half a million Newtons or so. SO! When you're pushing a kilogram with half a million Newtons of thrust, it's a good idea to keep one hand on your valuables 'cause you never know when you just might run straight into some two-faced lying jerk!
      Lipp-Sett: (To guards) Take him away!
      Harper: (As he is dragged away) Boys! I'm not coming in with ya no matter what you say or do! I ride with Dylan to the end...!

    • All military, rank and file, are subject to the word and intent of the Commonwealth Triumvirs.
      There is no exception.
      There is punishment accordingly.

      Commonwealth Charter, 0957.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Dylan's Trial:

      Dylan's trial is similar to the trial of Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. In the film, Kirk's personal logs are used against him in much the same way Rommie's files are used against Dylan.

      The plot is also quite similar to that of the Hercules episode "Hercules on Trial", in which the hero, also played by Kevin Sorbo, is accused of endangering the people around him by his heroism. In the episode, many of Hercules' best friends are called as witnesses against him, and are manipulated into making the prosecutor's case against him. Also, Ares, Hercules' main antagonist, offers to help Hercules escape from custody, similarly to the way Tri-Lorn does with Dylan, but unlike Dylan, Hercules refuses to go on the run from justice, wishing above all to clear his name.