Season 5 Episode 1

The Weight (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 2004 on Syfy



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  • Quotes

    • Flavin: Welcome to Seefra, where they never met a visitor they didn't like... or in some cases, want to eat.

    • Dylan: They're not to fond of you here.
      Flavin: True. But're new. They'll want you dead.
      Dylan: That's just because they haven't seen my sunny side yet.

    • Dylan: 'You can't get there from here' should be this place's motto.

    • Dylan: You said people come and go.
      Flavin: I said, 'They come and go.' I didn't say, 'They come, they go and come back.'

    • Flavin: Leaders tumble. Legends fall. The crowd jumps to it's feet with a roar. Then we start over.
      Dylan: I'm pretty good at that.
      Flavin: At what?
      Dylan: Starting over.

    • Rhade: I wear my sorrow like a badge.

    • Flavin: He's a walking seminar on the bright side of life.
      Rhade: I only know moonlight.
      Flavin: Hm. A full moon then.

    • Rhade: I live in the Hall of Broken Dreams. Where lost love found me and wrapped her chilly arms around me.

    • Rhade: Nothing means anything.

    • Rhade: A day, a lifetime... what does it matter in a world we're lost in?

    • Rhade (mutters to himself while walking away from Dylan): All I want is vengence to wrap around your stinking hope.

    • Thomas: What do you do at Death's door?
      Dylan: Well, I never knock 'cause that drives him crazy.

    • Rhade: (to Thomas) I use you to see: Where are my lows? To where have I sunk? Where are my dwindling joys?

    • Rhade: You can't stay here.
      Dylan: I can't stay anywhere else.
      Rhade: has come to this.
      Dylan: Rhade, you seem to be a bit confused lately. (Rhade punches him and Dylan falls to the floor) Check. Make that angry and confused.

    • Rhade: Tell me why.
      Dylan: I think I left 'why' in the other universe.

    • Rhade: I hate the hope that you brought me.
      Dylan: You give me too much credit.

    • Dylan (while beating up Rhade): You can't hate hope! You can hate me, but you hate yourself more! You wanna know why? Because you failed! We all failed!

    • Man: Now you must lead us. The one who has suffered the least.
      Dylan: Boy, you sure don't know my past.

    • Dylan (to Rhade): My fear is that the light at the end of the tunnel is a missile.

    • Rhade: I can't hold a grudge against you. It's too much effort.
      : So, what you're saying is you're too lazy to hate me?
      Rhade: If you wanna call it that.
      Dylan: Yeah, lazy works for me.

    • Flavin: There are three types of people. Those who can count, and those who can't.

    • Dylan: Wait. That mountain.
      Flavin: The Scans. I like to call it 'The Hill of Crap'.

    • Life is a carnival,
      But the tents are folded before dawn.

      Beano Tavalis,
      The Armendago Caper,
      CY 727.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on March 24, 2005 on Mystery.
      -This episode aired in the UK on June 1, 2005 on Sci-Fi.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on July 1, 2006 on Fox 8.

    • Brandy Ledford originally auditioned for the part of Andromeda, which went to Lexa Doig. When Lexa was unavailable due to her pregnancy during the fifth season, they created Doyle to do much of Rommie's work.

    • This is the first episode directed by Gord Verheul. His regular job on Andromeda was Director of Photography. He wanted a chance of seeing his job from "the outside".

    • As of this episode, Kevin Sorbo (Captain Dylan Hunt) is the only actor to appear in every episode. Prior to this, Lisa Ryder (Beka Valentine) also appeared in every episode.

  • Allusions

    • (Dylan talking to Flavin)
      Dylan: I'm pretty good at that.
      Flavin: At what?
      Dylan: Starting over.

      This is a reference to Dylan and Trance's conversation before he left to enter the Route of Ages and before she destroyed the Magog Worldship.
      Trance: What if you really could go back? Erase the past four years. Never suffer what you have suffered.
      Dylan: Start over?
      Trance: It takes courage to start over.