Season 1 Episode 1

Under the Night (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2000 on Syfy

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  • The pilot of the show, much awaited from certain factors of the trekkie family, early news and reviews had been leaked and was promising.

    The episode starts off by getting straight into the action, albeit with an exercise to test the crews responses. We have a ship wide countdown and then we get introduced to the ships captain and first mate.

    Straight afterwards, they are casually discussing the impending marriage of Capt. Dillon Hunt with Rhade as the best man, but is interupted by a necessity to report to command for a real life situation.

    A billion inhabitants of a system is under threat from a rouge black hole, when they are set upon by 10 thousand Nietzshean ships, in order to save the inhabitants and themselves after the initial contact.

    They are losing the battle of survival, and the only option open to them is to steer into the black hole using a slingshot maneouvre before they get to the event horizon.

    Rhade who had recommended he be put under arrest as he is a Neitzshean, eludes his excorts and goes to fight / kill his captain and take over the ship.

    This results in the ship being frozen in the event horizon for 300 years, the introduction of the Maru and her crew, who are aiming to salvage the ship for parts and profit.
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