Season 3 Episode 17

Vault of the Heavens

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Opening scene was a lot of fun!! Harper and Trance are supposed to do nightshift while everyone is peacefully asleep and Harper being Harper of course could not resist a challenge to race in space with the aid of his co-conspirator Trance.

    I like this episode - it was original and different. It might appear silly to some viewers but I found it interesting. For once the crew is not fighting for the common wealth, they are fighting to save another race from extinction.

    This story takes us to a weird planet with an icy formation and inhabited by strange beings who are dying and seek help from Dylan Hunt who seems to be some sort of "margical" savior in the universe which is so typical of his character, always willing to risk all and finding ways to reshape the universe and renew the common wealth. Although Dylan is captured by the Icy Queen, its not surprising that she would choose him to "have sex with" so that they could survive as humans - why Dylan? Well, why not? Its his adventure and its his story, which actually was imo tastefully choreagraphed and nicely done and Kevin Sorbo's portrayal of dealing with the situation takes away the element of silliness and turned it into something simple and beautiful!!
  • Dylan is so irresistible to women, an alien queen kidnaps everyone else. Yeah, as silly as it sounds.

    This was another poor episode. The slide continues. The crew was down to the original crew members (Dylan, Becka, Tyr, Trance and Harper) rather than the full crew that was in the last episode. No reason given other than Andromeda is going through a maintenance sequence but that seemed to only apply to the AI, not to the crew.

    The special effects were really poor with the ice planet and the "binding" ice bands. When Becka, Rommie, Harper and Trance are prisoners, under the "mind control" of the aliens, the actors seems to be playing it deliberately campy and acting stupid. The majority of this episode seems like a vanity party for Kevin Sorbo and it lacks flow in many ways.

    Hopefully it will get better next episode.
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