Season 3 Episode 15

What Happens to a Rev Deferred?

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 2003 on Syfy

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  • A piece of self-righteous, mystical, pseudo-Judeao-Christian claptrap.

    Apparently Rev Bem returns to find his "Way" with the help of the crew of the Andromeda, complete with his own wandering star, a heap of self-absorbed whining and approaching annihilation. How much more Christ-like can we get? Especially with the whining.

    Generally the series manages to avoid placing too much emphasis on the mystical nonsense that plagues much of what passes for entertainment in Bush-era America. Although Dylan's continual need to revive the "good-old days" does bring to mind the mid-western evangelistic call for a return to "family" values that negates much of what approaches inspired writing. Thank goodness for HBO and especially Deadwood.

    Many of Andromeda's episodes give good value, with space-opera themes and sci-fi derring-do, heroes and villains, strong characters and gripping story-lines.

    Occasionally, however, an episode like this slips in, patronising, confused, self-righteous and irrelevant, much like organised religion. There is nothing even approaching a conclusion to the thin and pointless story of Rev Bem's search and reappearance, no explanation for his presence on an exploding planet other than following some "instinct" from "somewhere" by "something" (the planet actually doesn't explode but sort of "whimpers" away), and no explanation for his absurd physical transformation at the end.

    And to top it all off, the usually most intriguing character, Trance, having undergone her own change at some point for again no apparent reason and again without explanation, spews forth with the most inane drivel: "For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible; for those who do, no explanation is necessary". Straight out of the Christian handbook. This is science fiction, folks, not Jerry Falwell's Comedy Theatre. Of course there needs to be an explanation. It's supposed to be based on SCIENCE.

    I prefer to view it this way: "For those who do not believe, an explanation will be searched for; for those who do believe, an explanation may prove embarrassing or beyond their comprehension."

    This episode is simply someone's attempt to inject a thin-minded Christian mysticism into a series that is more successful when examining space-time conundrums, as in "The Unconquerable Man", or multiple-causality as in "The Dark Backward".

    So let's leave the whole pseudo-Judaeo-Christian nonsense to Kirk Cameron or the chick in the thing about the angel or the Christian TV Network.

    Here endeth the lesson.