Season 5 Episode 9

What Will Be Was Not

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 2004 on Syfy



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    • Beka: Seriously, the Harper-bashing is getting a little bit old. If it isn't you whining about your bill, it's Doyle whining that he didn't make her a real live girl.
      Doyle: What did you just say?! (Beka turns to face Doyle as Rhade chuckles and Harper throws up his hands)
      Harper: What part of 'take it outside' am I mispronouncing?
      Beka: Oh, something only a machine ear would pick up.
      Harper: (to Doyle) She doesn't mean it...don't...she's a...
      Beka: I'm a... I'm a what? (she pushes Harper away, toward the table with the young couple. The man holds up the box toward the woman. Harper stumbles into him and knocks him over again)
      Rhade: Way to bite the hand that protects you. Kludge.
      Harper: This is protecting? And DON'T call me Kludge, Uber.
      Doyle: I don't whine about not It's not that great anyway.
      Beka: Oh, you whine a little. (two men at a nearby table are watching the argument and laughing)

    • (Rhade grabs Harper and throws him toward the table where the two men are sitting. He lands on the table, breaking it. The two men jump away from the table, and one of them bumps into the first man Harper stumbled into. Those two men get into a fight)
      Beka: Finally! An intervention!
      Rhade: Oh, I guess you know about those. What was your intervention for? Flash abuse? Or possession by the Abyss? (she punches him)

    • Harper: Take it outside! (Rhade picks Harper up, walks to the wall, and throws him through a window)
      Rhade: Is that outside enough for you?

    • (Harper triggers a long burst of shots at the ceiling. Fragments of the ceiling rain down on his head. The bar patrons stop fighting and turn to look toward the sound. As the dust clears, Trance run in. Rhade turns to see Harper standing there covered with dust from the ceiling fragments. He starts to point and laugh. Soon all the patrons are laughing at Harper. Doyle, laughing, turns to see Trance smiling at the scene)
      Harper: Laugh it up, laugh it up.
      Rhade: I don't know about you, but that felt too good.
      Beka: Yeah, amen to that.
      Harper (looking at his arm): Yeah, I guess.
      Beka: You know, it's kind of amazing we haven't killed each other by now.
      Rhade: Life is the only thing left to lose.
      Harper: Yeah, and it's a pretty crappy life, too, being stuck here in a stink hole like this.
      Rhade: We all know whose fault that is. (Trance frowns and Harper's eye widden, realizing she's there. Beka looks confused until Harper nods to her. Beka and Rhade turn around to see a crest fallen Trance. Doyle turns toward Trance)
      Doyle: Oh, Trance, he didn't mean you. (Trance doesn't feel any better and runs out. Rhade turns back toward Harper, a look of defeat on his face)
      Harper: Smooth move, Rhade.

    • (Doyle walks down the street and Dylan comes around a corner)
      Dylan: Doyle! Hi. I'm looking for Trance. Have you seen her?
      Doyle: Actually, yes.
      Dylan: Well good, then maybe you can tell me what's wrong with her. She came to Andromeda, and she was just acting...I don't know, something was wrong, and then she just left.
      Doyle: Okay, well here's the thing. We were talking, and she came along, and she might have heard something that she might have misinterpreted. She...she left?
      Dylan: Yeah. So...she heard you--
      Doyle: Rhade.
      Dylan: Rhade say...
      Doyle: ...That now we know whose fault it was that everything was lost.
      Dylan: I see. So a bullet meant for me hit Trance. Well that's just great, now she's gone.

    • Orlund: Are you running away to hide yourself, or lose yourself?
      Trance: Is there a difference?
      Orlund: Well I've been sweeping these tunnels for many years, and I've seen every variation.
      Trance: Well let's just say that...both.
      Orlund: ...Well at least I thought I had. There are no princesses on Seefra-1. And I'd at least have heard of you if you're from one of the other Seefras.
      Trance: No, I'm not a princess, no.
      Orlund: Then what are you?
      Trance: Honestly I have no idea what I am.

    • Trance: You must be the King of the Alpha sector of Seefra-1 tunnels, then.
      Orlund: I'm simply a custodian, filling an inherited role. I maintain the tunnels like my father and his father before him.
      Trance: How do you maintain them? (he leans in)
      Orlund (whispers): I keep their secrets.
      Trance: It must be great to have secrets. Mine are all out in the open.
      Orlund: Tell me one.
      Trance: I ruin people's lives.

    • (In the Seefra tunnels)
      Dylan: If Andromeda was at full capacity, we could search this without leaving Command.
      Doyle: If Andromeda were at full capacity, we wouldn't be here cursing every new day on Seefra.

    • Orlund: This elegant weapon is from here, but not from Seefra.
      Trance: A riddle. Then it's from Tarn Vedra. It's Vedran.
      Orlund: You know about the Vedrans?
      Trance: Princesses can't study ancient history? I knew someone once who would love to see that. It's beautiful.
      Orlund: And now it's mine. Mine to use as I see fit. To protect princesses with. (Trance smiles at him and he leads her down the corridor)

    • (In the bar, Harper is leafing through his payment book while Beka and Rhade look on)
      Harper: Starting to add up, guys.
      Beka: Must be. I imagine Rhade's at the point where things are starting to look up.
      Harper: Actually, Rhade's at the point where you're starting to look pretty.
      Beka (looking at Rhade) Excuse me. (he nods and she smacks Harper in the back of the head)
      Harper: OW!

    • Rhade: I only look down. That keeps me from tripping on my own ideals.
      Harper: Who are you kidding, Rhade, you don't have any ideals.
      Beka: Exactly. You're a Nietzschean, all you have is...
      Rhade: Mmm, go on.
      Beka: That's right, you really have nothing, do you?
      Rhade: Ah, you have been paying attention.
      Harper: Don't be so glum. It could all be out there somewhere in one of those other universes, maybe. You could still be living your past, and have everything.
      Beka: That's right, you could still be an Admiral, on Tarazed.
      Rhade: With the wife and three little children.
      Beka (scoffing): Yeah. A wife.
      Harper (amazed) Children? You don't have ankle-biters, do you?
      Beka: What? Rhade, you never mentioned...
      Rhade: They're dead. (he looks at Harper, then at Beka, who are both stunned)

    • Rhade: What if we're backwards? Is there another Beka Valentine out there, another Maru, with another Seamus Harper riding shotgun? Or have they been cosmically erased by your arrival here?

    • Trance: You rescued me.
      Orlund: All in a day's work.

    • (Beka steps onto the bridge of the Andromeda)
      Beka: Damn. I thought for sure if I didn't tell him I was coming, he'd be here. Andromeda? (Andromeda's AI appears on the viewscreen)
      Andromeda: Dylan's not here.
      Beka: Yeah, know, I liked it a lot better when you were about a million times smarter than me.
      Andromeda: So did I.

    • Harper: You know Doyle's nowhere to be found either.
      Beka: Looks like we're both out of luck.
      Harper: Hey, you don't think they're...trying to avoid us, do you?
      Beka: Why, just because he owes me eight thousand fifty-two kanak he knows I need today? And she would probably rather play High Guard mechanic than bartender's assistant.

    • Harper: This situation leaves me no choice but to activate Doyle's beacon. (he pulls a communicator out of his pocket and activates it)
      Beka: Wait, you have Doyle on a tracking device?
      Harper: Yeah, it's just a precaution, for her own good.
      Beka: Wow.
      Harper: Wait a minute, there's no signal. Why is there no signal?
      Beka: It serves you right. She probably found it and ripped it out with her bare hands.

    • (Doyle and Dylan round a corner, they see Orlund ahead of them. Dylan aims his force lance)
      Dylan: Whoa, hold it right there, pal! Turn around, arms up high.
      Orlund: Please, I'm just a poor tunnel dweller who doesn't want any... (Orlund whirls around and shoots Dylan with his petrification gun. Sparks travel around the outside of Dylan's body, his force lance goes flying, and he is driven to his knees by the pain)...trouble. (Orlund is shaken when he sees that Dylan has not turned to stone) It didn't affect you.
      Dylan: Define affect.

    • Doyle: Ingenious. A weapon incapable of friendly fire.
      Dylan: It's not that friendly.
      Doyle: I hate to tell you, but that's not going to do anything to me. (Orlund shoots the gun at her, covering her with sparks and electrical discharges. She is driven to her knees just like Dylan)...unless, of course, it uses electrical charge.

    • Doyle: We have to get out of here.
      Dylan: Yeah, like ten minutes ago. Would you mind? (he extends his handcuffed wrists to Doyle)
      Doyle: Not at all. (Doyle breaks the handuffs off his wrists)
      Dylan: Thank you.

    • Doyle: Dylan, by my calculations you only have six minutes.
      Dylan: Six minutes for what?
      Doyle: To live.
      Dylan (laughing): Heh, that's plenty of time. I like it when things get hot. (serious again) It's never easy.

    • (Doyle is still trying to open the door. Dylan, covered with sweat, is looking at some of the boxes and items stored in the chamber)
      Doyle: Four minutes, thirty-two seconds.
      Dylan: Thanks for the countdown on my life.

    • (Doyle puts a hand to her head as though she is in pain)
      Doyle: We should have killed him when we had the chance.
      Dylan: Killed him? Then we wouldn't have found out where Trance is.
      Doyle: We DON'T know where Trance is. We're just guessing. All he said was he had someone to get back to. (holding her head) I can't believe Harper programmed me to get headaches.
      Dylan: At least he didn't program you to sweat.
      Doyle: Maybe, maybe not. You know, considering the circumstances, you're pretty calm.
      Dylan: We have to stay calm or we'll make things worse.
      Doyle: Do not manage me, okay? I am programmed to FREAK OUT like any human, so that's what I'm doing!
      Dylan: I'm not trying to manage you, Doyle, I'm trying to manage the situation.
      Doyle: Oh, like you managed to splinter your entire crew? Strip them of everything and leave them to scratch out a living in the middle of nowhere?
      Dylan: Hey, I'm trying to do everything I can to fix what's happening to my crew.
      Doyle (becoming calm): I can't believe I just said that.
      Dylan: Yeah, but that's what they think, right?
      Doyle: No, it isn't.
      Dylan (becoming angry): They think all I care about is fixing Andromeda. You know what? They're wrong. THEY ARE WRONG! (Doyle and Dylan stare at each other for a few seconds. Dylan calms down)

    • (Beka and Harper move through the Seefra-1 tunnels. Harper consults a handheld scanner)
      Harper: Somewhere around here is where her tracking signal went dead.
      Beka: Wonder what could have happened to them. (Harper looks up from his scanner, directly at the single petrified man noticed by Doyle and Dylan earlier. Startled, he draws his pistol. Beka looks at him and then notices the other petrified men behind him. Harper turns to look where she is looking)
      Harper: Hopefully not that.

    • (About the crystals heating up)
      Doyle: I guess one of us going to die after all.
      Dylan: I don't plan to.
      Doyle: I mean me. If you can call it dying. If I power down, the EM reactions will stop and you'll live.
      Dylan: That's a last resort, Doyle, but you've given me an idea. (Dylan reaches out and places his hands on Doyle's neck)
      Doyle: Oh Dylan, I'm flattered, but we don't have time for this.
      Dylan: Not that kind of idea. But don't think I haven't thought about it.

    • Dylan: The best solutions are also the most illogical.
      Doyle: Yeah, you can't program that kind of thinking.

    • (The door opens)
      Dylan: Counter-logic to the rescue. Let's get out of here.
      Doyle: Hold on. I'm too turned on...I mean UP. I have to cycle back down first.
      Dylan: Better?
      Doyle: Every day I discover something new Harper programmed into me. Let's go. (They leave the chamber)

    • Orlund: I was entrusted to guard these chambers with my life! My princess, if I fail, I'll have disgraced my father and my grandfather. I can't live with that. I can't be separated from my work.

    • (Dylan and Doyle enter the tesseract. When they come out the other end they spot Orlund at the pedestal, hammer raised to strike another blow at the crystal)
      Dylan: Orlund! Stop! (Orlund looks over in surprise, but then begins to look determined again)
      Orlund: I won't be punished for preserving my sanctuary. (he raises his hammer for another blow)
      Dylan: No one is going to punish you, okay? No one's going to hurt you. Just give me the crystal.
      Orlund: I'm not falling for that.
      Dylan: Listen! You're not just closing off the tunnel to Seefra-1. This whole planet will collapse if you destroy that crystal.
      Orlund: I swept these tunnels. Cleaned them. My father swept these tunnels. My grandfather. No one ever noticed us. (behind him, Trance looks down at her handcuffs as Orlund continues to speak) No one ever appreciated us, though we were here all along, toiling under the surface.
      Dylan: You deserve the recognition. I will make sure that you get it. (Trance's hands and wrists suddenly glow red hot. The handcuffs melt and fall to the floor)
      Orlund: I deserve glory. I was chosen.

    • (Doyle comes up to Dylan on Command after the others leave)
      Doyle: When Trance was fighting Orlund, you could have stepped in to stop him, but you didn't. Did you know he wouldn't harm her?
      Dylan: She needed to start believing in herself again.
      Doyle: Do you think she does? Dylan (smiling) What do you think? (Dylan leaves the bridge, leaving Doyle to consider the question)

    • (On board Andromeda, Dylan hands bags to Harper, Rhade, Beka, and Doyle)
      Rhade: Dylan, we're touched, but you called us here to give us new purses?
      Dylan: Ha ha. Back pay?
      Beka: Back pay? As in real cash money?
      Dylan: Uh-huh.
      Harper: What did you do? Rob a bank?
      Dylan: Ha ha again.
      Harper: Kidding, just kidding.
      Dylan: It's from Orlund's stockpile.
      Trance: He insisted on donating everything he had to the cause. It was the only way he believed that Dylan would forgive him.
      Dylan: And not only was there enough money in his underground vaults to pay back my debt to you...
      Trance: There is enough crystal quartz to get Andromeda up to 70% power.
      Dylan: (gesturing to the viewscreen) Andromeda! (Andromeda's AI appears on the viewscreen. There is no flickering at all)
      Andromeda: Greetings, everyone. (Andromeda's hologram appears next to the viewscreen) At your service. (looking at Dylan) Full service, that is.
      Dylan: So, for the first time since we've been here, her processor is now fully functional.
      Trance: And 30% more, we might even be able to get Rommie back.
      Dylan: Yeah, but in the meantime, we're still stuck here, and I know we all have our own little agendas... (Harper reaches over and takes Rhade's money bag. Rhade turns to Harper and looks at him, arms crossed)...but hopefully we don't have to be at each other's throats. (Harper looks at Rhade, then gives the bag back)
      Beka: Well, Dylan, I for one knew you were good for it all along.
      Harper: Hey, I knew too! I knew.
      Beka: That's right, Harper, just go the way the wind's blowing.
      Harper: Well, when the wind is getting brownie points...
      Rhade: The problem is, we have to find a solution in ourselves.
      Beka: What is that supposed to mean? (Rhade gives his money bag to Harper)
      Rhade: Don't spend it all in one place. (Rhade walks up to Dylan and hands him a small flask) I quit.
      Dylan: You quit? Like drinking? Is he quitting?
      Beka: Yeah. In fact, looks like Trance saved three lives today.

    • (On Seefra-2, Trance stands with her eyes closed and arms outstretched, palms up, beside the empty pedestal)
      Trance: Light, illumination, creation. There is no place where light cannot be born. (the tesseract door opens and closes behind Trance) I know I used to do this before. Dylan wouldn't lie to me. (she turns to look at the door. Orlund is standing there. She smiles at him)
      Orlund: Dylan?
      Trance: I didn't realize I was being watched.
      Orlund: You going to try to tell me you were summoning up your royal guards?
      Trance: You said you would protect me, and then you just left me here, locked out. Why are you angry? (Orlund steps forward and puts a pair of handcuffs on Trance. She reacts with surprise)
      Orlund: I should have known. It's too coincidental, you showing up in the tunnel when you did. So out of place, so lost. You're Paradine. You're with them.
      Trance: Paradine? No! I'm a princess, remember?
      Orlund: You came to investigate me. I fell for it. I told you everything!
      Trance: You were playing this sweet game. And you were so gallant. I like you very much. But I don't think you're well right now. (Orlund picks up a hammer from a nearby table. Trance looks worried)
      Orlund: Perhaps I'm crazed. But I'm dedicated. Willing to do whatever it takes. That's not the same thing. Now I have two of your soldiers in prison, so unless you call off this inquisition, I will be forced to let them die.
      Trance: Soldiers? I don't have...what do these soldiers look like?
      Orlund: Why don't we just use the same name, since we both know it? Dylan.

    • (In the bar on Seefra-1, Harper leafs through a record book. He tears out several pages covered with figures and hands them to Rhade. Rhade looks at the pages)
      Rhade: No. No way, it's not possible. Not even I could consume this much. (he takes a drink and tears up the pages, leaving them on the bar, then walks away. Harper jumps over the bar and runs around in front of him)
      Harper: What's the matter? Questioning the amount of your bill or the size of your problem?
      Rhade: My only problem is a bartender lining his pockets by padding my bill.
      Harper: The only thing padded around here, Rhade, is your drunken ego. (Rhade pushes Harper to one side, knocking Harper into a customer who spills his drink. Beka pushes Harper toward the other side of the bar. Harper stumbles toward a table where a young man wearing glasses is about to propose to a female companion at the table. Harper stumbles into him, knocking him over)

    • Hold.
      Herein a vast journey lies
      in the span of an instant.

      Seefra-One Chamber Inscription,

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    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on April 21, 2005 on Mystery.
      -This episode aired in the UK on July 27, 2005 on Sci-Fi.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on August 26, 2006 on Fox 8.

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