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  • I actually preferred Andy Richter Controls the Universe, but Andy Barker is worth watching while it's still available.

    This show is just plain goofy--the humor is not exactly based on what happens to most of us in real life. But the concept is original, the plots are entertaining, and the characters are pretty funny. I was hoping to be more impressed with Tony Hale, but his character seems to alternate between dull and bizarre in a way that doesn't quite gel with me. However, Andy and his wife are charming, and Lew probably gets big laughs from internet viewers everywhere.

    The first two episodes seemed to suffer from the slow start many series have, but I thought the last four were significantly improved. (I especially enjoyed Three Days of the Chicken.) And the writers seemed to especially love running gags, which were a hilarious touch. In conclusion, all six episodes are worth watching if you have a couple hours.
  • In the past I have expressed that I like single camera sitcoms and am really pleased that NBC's Must See Thursday is raising the bar with their comedies instead of just playing it for laughs.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: Andy Barker PI Andy Richter is one of the most underrated comedic actors working in television today. Since leaving his role as the sidekick on Late Night with Conan O'Brien he has starred in several situation comedies. Although none of these shows ever took off I never felt that it was the fault of Andy Richter. In his new show Andy Barker PI, Andy Richter re-teams with Conan O'Brien who serves as the shows co-creator and executive producer. The title character Andy Barker is a CPA who is mistaken by a Russian bombshell for retired private investigator Lew Staziak (Harve Presnell). Lew used to occupy Andy’s storefront office. The beautiful Russian offers Andy four thousand dollars to find her husband. Since he was not getting and any new accounting clients, Andy takes on the lady’s case with the help of his fellow strip mall neighbors Simon (Tony Hale) the video store clerk and Wally (Marshall Manesh) the overly patriotic Afghani restaurant owner. Although this is not the first time we see an accountant enamored with the life of a PI on TV (Remember Tenspeed and Brown Shoe?), the difference here is that Andy loves accounting. Andy Richter is at his best when he plays the mild mannered, good intentioned every man and this show is the best vehicle for Andy Richter since he left Conan's couch. Andy’s TV character is also perfectly paired with Clea Lewis as his wife Jen.

    In the past I have expressed that I like single camera sitcoms and am really pleased that NBC's Must See Thursday is raising the bar with their comedies instead of just playing it for laughs. Andy Barker PI has the elements that I like in a comedy; good writing, good acting and most importantly it is funny. My big concern for the show is that the show is at risk of being predictable where Andy uses his accounting skills to solve the case with the help of his misfit friends. Fortunately, I Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot and speaking of the pilot you can watch it at - Andy Barker PI > Full Episodes and I don’t have to wait till the next week because that episode, and four more are also online.

    In the next episode Fairway, My Lovely the Archives Clerk, Nicole (Nicole Randall Johnson) from the pilot, hires herself as Andy’s new assistant figuring that Andy owes her since he got her fired from her last job. The case involves the death of Andy's morbidly obese client Guy Halverson (Peter Allen Vogt) and Mrs. Halverson's insistence that her husband actually met with foul play. The episode was funny although I thought one running gag where all the women in the episode are enamored with the fat guy was a little over the top. Hopefully through the NBC web site the show can foster a solid fan base.

    Andy is wholesome and does not use profanity so I will quote Andy Barker when things aren’t going right, "Ah, cheese 'n crackers".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Of course they didn't give it a chance

    Leave it to NBC not to give another good show a chance. They only allowed the show 4 episodes until they moved into a new time slot for the last 2. Don't they know that it takes time for an audience to build? More the four episodes!!! That's the problem with all the networks.. They move shows around so much that an audience doesn't really get time to "lock" into a show. Andy Richter PI was too good of a show, too smart for network tv I guess. Hopefully another network would pick it up.. USA maybe? Just hoping.
  • I love all of the Mystery in this show.

    I like all the characters in this show and this show has a superb storyboard. I hope they keep this show on the air for at least two years because I have a funny feeling that their going to cancel this great show sure enough. On a scale of 1 to 100 I rate this show 79.9%.
  • this is one of the best sitcoms since the office started and now it's gone BS!!!

    Barker PI was a very dif kind of sitcom about an acoutant turned PI with no real means to and his sidekick is a video store owner downstairs from his office this was a great show laugh out loud funny every bit as good as the office why do all the good shows get canceled that crap i love the knights of prosperity and thats gone and barker PI was a truly awsome show that was never given a chance due to that show that sucks called american idol and of course the ncaa basketball touney ruined it so what put it back on later on in the night or maybe tbs will pick it up doubt it though
  • This is the most hilarious show on TV right now. It's ingenious! Lew Stazniak - He's totally a great character to have on TV It becomes more and more obvious that people with brains do not watch TV because all the really smart shows are always cancelled.

    America needs real writers, not rehashed reality trash! Andy Barker, P. I. is excellent! People look like real humans not copy cuttered hollywood drabble. A CPA who falls to PI work by default with quirky sidekicks that help/hurt at will, meanwhile trying to hold onto his Unrealistically sweet, oblivious family life. As usual all my intelligent friends love it. The not so smart ones...well there's always reality thoughtlessness to assauge their pea brains!
  • An entertaining, funny and smart comedy which may be it's problem, it's smart.

    I initially thought it was going to be pretty dumb, but I like Andy Richter's comedy, so I wanted to give it a chance. I thought it was weird but each episode felt like a 30 minute feature film. The production quality was off the scale. The music score matched the scenes perfectly and all the pieces fit really nicely. I would like to see how it evolves, but it's moving to Saturday night, it's a shame the networks don't give the smart comedies more time to grab an audience.
  • It's Andy Barker, accountant by day, private eye at night. A very original, and funny comedy that definitly worth 30 minutes.

    Andy Barker, P.I., is one of those few comedies that is original, funny, off the wall, and just plain entertaining. The story is great and it has a great core cast. At the top is Andy Richter, who every one knows from his shows that are most always funny. There's Tony Hale, who most will remember from the great "Arrested Development". Clea Lewis and Harve Presnell are great in there roles. And to top it all off, it's co-written by the always entertaining Conan O'brian. If there are any fans of Conan who haven't watched this, they are truly missing out. The comedy is well-written and the show could last if given a chance on NBC. Very viewable 30 minutes of television.
  • Clean humour has never been funnier.

    It is extremely refreshing to finally see a show on television, that for the most part deals exclusively in good, clean fun. It's even more refreshing to find that doing so does not take away from the humour of the show in the least. I hope NBC keeps this show on life support long enough for it to gain a real following. The jokes are delivered in such an innocent, almost corny manner, that had they found the exact proper pitch, the show could have been a disaster. As it turns out, they find just the right tune. Anyone interested in honest, goofy laughs should give this show a try.
  • Andy Richter plays an accountant who inadveratantly falls into a life as a private investigator and keeps the secret from his wife.

    I really like Andy Richtner, but the networks have no idea what to do with him. Both "Quintuplets" and "Andy Rules The Universe" had the potential to be big hits, but neither of their networks gave them a chance. In a new series, Andy plays a bored accountant with just his right amount of comedy and likability who explores the life of a detective. It's got a great timeslot after "Scrubs," but it's up against "CSI" which has killed more shows than unwanted puppies. It's a funny charming show and deserves a fair chance. I hope it lasts, but even with good reviews and a solid fan base, it remains to be seen if it lasts.
  • A New Approach

    I watched the pilot last night and was very impressed with the overall approach of the characters and script.I do believe the plan is to present Andy as an everyman(not new)with a fully functioning brain(brand new).The lovable loser Andy Richter has failed more than once.Maybe Conan has fresh writers and a good supporting cast to help Him out. It's great to see Tony Dale back on TV again.His skills honed on the best comedy in TV history(ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT)should be a great positive. Realistically,I'm not sure America is willing to give Richter another chance,but if they are this show could do well.It gives you something to watch between the laughs.
  • And Richter plays an accountant turned private investigator.

    I watched this show because Conan O'Brian is the executive producer. I love Late Night. I love Conan's assinine humor...but apparently it only workes anfer eleven thirty at night. I was so disappointed at how bad this show is. I'm not particularly a fan of Andy Richter...but I don't hate him. If NBC thinks this show is funnier than 30 Roc, they're all stoned. In fact, that is the only way I would find this show funny...if I were stoned out of my mind. There were one or two jokes that were humorous...but nothing that was laugh out loud funny. I may continue to check this show out to see if it imporves...but I don't expect it to become a favorite.
  • This one looks like an amusing sketch from one of the late night shows that just got more air time. Oh, wait: it is.

    Andy Barker, P.I. is an amusing little show, but it's definitely not series material. I like Andy Richter well enough, adore the comedy of Tony Hale (especially from his work on "Arrested Development"), and have watched Harve Presnell in one thing or another my entire life, so the elements of a good comedy show are here. However, this extended skit from a late night comedy show about an accountant who serendipitously falls into the life of a private detective looks like it roots. I could be wrong about this, as I've adored a great many shows that didn't cut network muster, but I am completely surprised that this show got greenlighted at all, and I don't expect it to last past the first 13 episodes.
  • Andy Richter Rocks

    I love Andy Richter so I try to support every new project that he has but they never seem to catch on. NBC has the first five episodes of Andy Barker P.I. up on their site that you can watch, I previewed all five of episodes, so let me tell you they were so funny, I think this might be the show that makes him a house hold name,the show has great actors it's funny and smart. How can a show go wrong when it has Andy Richter and Conan O'Brien involved, but we know shows that are good don't stand a chance if rating are bad so everyone who likes smart funny comedies try this show you won't regret it
  • Andy Barker, CPA gets mistaken for a private investigator and unwittingly makes a career change that is a little more dangerous and exciting.

    The pilot is very entertaining. Richter is excellent in this roll. He plays the dopey, boring accountant who just opened his own business in a strip mall. However, his suite was previously inhabited by a private investigator. So he mistakenly gets involved with Russian spies who thinks he is a PI, but Andy finds that a lot more money is to be made by this kind of work. A welcome addition is Tony Hale (Buster from “Arrested Development”) as Simon, the video store owner. The pilot has some good quirks, good pacing, and much better writing than Richter’s previous sitcom attempts.
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