Andy Richter Controls the Universe

Season 2 Episode 7

Crazy in Rio

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 05, 2003 on FOX

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  • Conan O\'Brien and Andy Richter together again. Need I say more?

    Right from the start, it\'s clear that Conan O\'Brien\'s wackiness would complement the show superbly. It didn\'t seem possible that they could improve on the brilliance of previous episodes, but with Conan\'s influence, new heights were reached. That is not to say that Conan carried the show - in fact, my main criticism of the episode is that the other characters are forced to sacrifice their own screen time.

    The story begins with Andy Richter at work, thinking about how happy he is to have such great friends, a brief but significant scene which sets up a key theme of the episode. Then there is a man standing in his office, played by Conan O\'Brien. He says some strange things until Jessica (Paget Brewster) enters and explains his presence. It turns out he is Freddy Pickering and has just become the majority stock-holder in Pickering Industries.

    Subsequently, amid various humorous comments and queries from the gang, the eccentric Freddy imposes strict penalties for breaking company policy and offers $1,000 to anyone willing to finger any such culprit. Paranoia sets in - with amusing results - culminating in a confrontation with Freddy - with even more amusing results - which ultimately lands Andy a job in management.

    Andy grows closer to Freddy, but finds himself drifting apart from his friends. He tries to bridge the gap with a trip to Rio, but does so too desperately, placing them all in danger at the hands of an increasingly irrational Freddy.

    The drama and issues are overshadowed by overwhelming comedy as usual, Conan expertly handling the various levels of insanity. Early, he belittles Jessica, accusing her of laughing at his mother\'s death and then confusing her, saying she has no sense of humor. Later, he attempts to introduce the gang to the cotton candy around his arm. As Freddy descends into madness, he makes Andy wear dark glasses to view his naked body, exclaiming, \"Look at the light I give off...behold my radiance!\"

    Even without Conan, the episode would be worth watching. The usual hilarity is ubiquitous - Keith arguing with Andy about eating faeces, Byron rambling sarcastically and stealing water coolers, the deceased Mr Pickering revelling in the thought of buying murder with water, and the spontaneity inherent in the presence of a leopard.

    A simply unmissable episode, but the same could apply to any episode of this remarkable show.