Andy Richter Controls the Universe

FOX (ended 2004)


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  • Dandy Andy

    I could not begin to describe how much I miss this show. They may seem desperate, but that's exactly how I feel. Sadly, it is probably best remembered as one of those brilliant-but-cancelled shows that Fox dumped primarily for low ratings and not clicking with its audience, much like "Wonderfalls" and "Profit." What seperates "ARCTU" from those other shows was its numerous innovations; it was way ahead of its time in terms of wry narration, non-sequitor humor, and most importantly its rampant abuse and inevitable destruction of the much-hallowed fourth wall. If there's a cult favorite that has been grossly overlooked for a DVD release, my vote would definitely be for "Andy."
  • The show premise had so many great opportunities to impress, and did so for the first six episodes. But it slowly went downhill from there and ultimately committed suicide causing its own cancellation.

    Perhaps that's a bit harsh for a show that I have rated a 6.

    Bottom line... it was reality as reality was. For most people, we live life and dream about how it could be.
    Amazingly, the writers managed to capture the essence of what "work life" is like... if not a little more sarcastically than we all actually live. But it was funny.
    The first several episodes had be breathing for air as I was laughing out laud at the characters...
    Unfortunately, the last few episodes were filled with low-brow humor that nobody laughs at unless there's a laugh track to inform you when the show is trying to be funny.
    This show had great potential and demonstrated it far beyond my expectations in the first several episodes... The rest of it ... not so good.
  • Andy Richter Controls The Universe, A Smart, Funny, Well Thought Out Comedy That Is Another Prime Example That FOX Never Seems To Know When It Has Struck Sitcom Gold And Scraps All Of It's Good Shows That Never Get A Chance To Shine...

    Andy Richter Controls The Universe, A Smart, Funny, Well Thought Out Comedy That Is Another Prime Example That FOX Never Seems To Know When It Has Struck Sitcom Gold And Scraps All Of It's Good Shows That Never Get A Chance To Shine. The Show Mainly Consists Of Andy A Smart Aspiring Writer Who Works For A Large Soulless Company Where He Writes Manuals For The Products They Sell. This Show Only Aired 19 Episodes And Was Canceled Midway Through Season Two. Though This Show Involved The Typical Sitcom Plots It Separated Itself With It's Smart, Witty Sense Of Humor And It's Cast Of Quirky Characters.
  • A very funny series that was ready an willing to make fun of itself and trid not to take anything seriously

    This show was over before its time. Right from the beginning the show was making fun of itself. I love shows that don't take themselves seriously. It was full of rediculous scenarios and outrageous events. The characters were a collection of eccentric individuals who made just about anyone else look sane by comparison. They complimented eachother's quirks and personalities. It was funny to see how they tried to stay sane in this crazy world. The fact that sometimes the events being told were completely made up made finding out the truth even more entertaining. And the sometimes it was hard to decide wether the truth or the story was more rediculous. This show really was something different from everything else that was on at the time. It relly deserved more than it was give.
  • Long live Conans old Sidekick!

    I will sum this up quickly. Andy Richter Controls The Universe is a [BLEEP]ing funny show that Fox didnt give a chance. It would deffinintely be better than War at Home or whatever crap theyre airing now. Andy Richter is hillarius and Fox needs to step up and figure out what is good on their network, or they will wind up like WB and UPN in September......
  • Comedy that goes as far, if not further, as any good creative comedy should go. Vivid fantasies, witty humor, and best of all - Andy Richter!

    This show is like watching the funniest Attention Deficit Disorder comedy show you could ever imagine. It makes every scene memorable and hilarious, because if it lagged for more than 10 seconds at a time, even the show would have gotten bored with itself. Andy keeps the jokes coming, the hilarity flowing, and fights to keep the viewer on his side of the argument and does - no matter how much you wouldn't think you could. And whatever he can't do, his supporting cast certainly can; business-minded Jessica, overly-handsome Keith, young-and-naive Wendy, and neurotic Byron. Watch one episode - ANY episode - and odds are good you'll find at least one joke or quote that will make its way into your everyday life and keep you laughing at how true-to-life the show truly was.

    Perhaps someday they'll bring it back. Or at least re-air some old episodes for those who never had the chance to see it in action.
  • One of the funniest sitcoms ever. Makes me laugh out loud even upon repeat viewings.

    Hysterically funny. I agree with the previous reviewer that it's "Scrubs" in an office, what with the fantasy sequences, talented cast -- especially Paget Brewster, who's as funny as she is gorgeous -- and sharp writing. C'mon, Paramount, give us the DVD set already! It's only 19 episodes. I'll buy two, I promise.
  • This show was really good. Comibines the humor used in Scrubs in the office setting.

    I feel that this show was a real gem. The collected a great cast that worked well together. Richter was the best he's ever been, and if this show had continued, he probably would not have had to degrade himself to the Olsen Twins movie New York Minute. I would have loved to see this show continue for a longer run and am disappointed it could not find an audience. I may also be channeling grief from another show I love, Arrested Development, which appears to have a similar fate.
    If this show cannot be brought back, it should at least have a DVD of the entire series with some good supplemental features.
  • A pretty funny show about anything that Andy Richter wanted to do.

    This show wasn't "amazing", it was pretty good. I only managed to catch about half of them when they were new on FOX, but the ones I did catch were pretty funny. I'm glad I have all the episodes now on DVD. (Not the official DVD's, they don't exist, yet)
  • Best show ever? Very well could have been.

    Andy Richter may be the funniest man I've seen on TV in a long time. He was hilarious as Conan's sidekick, and kept on rolling with this show. The cast was great, the dialogue was hilarious, and if Fox wasn't so stupid, cancelling this, Family Guy, Fastlane, Keen Eddie, and Wonder Falls, for crap that it puts on most of the time, it would be a much better network (can't really hate on Fox too much now, Prisonbreak and House are both great). Still, a show of this quality deserved better. "There's gonna be a ducttape wedding! Cover your genetalia and run!" You wont find that quality of line anywhere anymore.
  • Andy Richter heads up a cast of office co-workers who can't help but trip over thier own idiosyncrasies.

    Basically a live version of The Family Guy.

    Just like Family Guy relies on flashbacks and side-jokes to tell it's humor, so too does Andy Richter.

    For example, if someone were to say: "It's almost as if we were all dancing naked!" the next shot would be the crew doing just that.

    This show combined what was great about the movie Office Space, the tv show The Office, as well as any other cubicled program - it portrayed the "everyman" in situations that humor was the only way to get through.

    The best part about the show was the way the cast seemed to work together. The chemistry and timing were all fantastic and even though it was taken off the air prematurely, the show even began to follow the path of Seinfeld - a show about nothing.

    Great show.
  • The greatest sitcom ever made and ever canceled. Even better than Seinfeld.

    This was my favorite show for the short time it was on. The humor was original and the characters were great. It is a shame that it was canceled. I hope it comes out on DVD. This is the best thing Andy Richter's done. I still can't believe they canceled this. DAMN YOU FOX!
  • The show was simply great.

    Why? Why did they cancel this show for? It was a great show with an original punch. The writing and acting was amazing. The show always made you laugh without fail. Then why did FOX cancel this? And what did they replace it with? Oliver Beene. They canceled Andy Richter Controls the Universe for that crappy show? I mean come on FOX! How about not canceling every great show that comes on and keeping on the shows that are unoriginal and crappy. This show is amazing and should have never been taken off. I recommend this show to anyone who likes to laugh a lot.
  • This show was simply hilarious

    This was such a great show, it wasnt intellegent, it wasnt stupid, it was just good honest comedy. Andy Richter and his castmates were all hillarious and likeable and the writting was razor sharp and witty.

    If Family Guy can be resurected, maybe there's still hope, I will buy this on DVD if it ever comes out, you should too!
  • Fox ruins everyhting

    I watched this show every single week I could I absolutly loved this show. It was so funny. I think Andy is so flippin funny. I loved the storylines and the satire comedy was top notch. I wish fox would bring it back. Hopefully it will have a second life in the form of a disc(dvd for you slow people).
  • Miss it a lot

    This is one of the many shows that I was very upset that Fox cancelled. This show was so funny with Andy Richter being as funny as he is with all of the things that they did with him. It is sad that I am not able to watch this show and I am always hoping that Fox will pull a Family Guy and decide to bring it back.
  • bring it back!

    this show was not fantastic, but was a ppretty good new show, with a solid cast led by the great andy richter. do not know why it was axed after only 9 months. i thought this show could've done better rating wise had it been given a chance. i have seen many shows worse than this last for a full season.
  • A show that never should have been cancelled. It's a riot!

    This show never shoild have been cancelled. Every single episode was laugh out loud funny, and those laughs were constant. So much of the humor is just so ridiculous and random that you have to see it to believe it.

    This show probably isn't for everyone. If you don't like silly humor with a lot of somewhat random jokes and gags, you'll be better off watching Arrested Development. However, to its target audience, this is one of the funniest shows of all time. Fox should burn in hell for cancelling it. I just hope it gets a DVD release soon.
  • Yet another FOX Casualty

    Don't let the debacle that is/was "Quintuplets" fool you: Andy Richter is a comic genius. His first staring role after playing the hilarious sidekick to Conan O'Brian, "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" was the perfect blend of many types of humor. It was wacky, over-the-top, irreverant, witty, intelligent, completely politically incorrect, and had the perfect ensemble cast. In short: it was the perfect show to be abused and eventually cancelled by FOX.

    Sadly it was never really given a chance to make it. Despite being critically acclaimed and loved by fans this show was rarely kept in the same time slot, let alone the same day, and was very often pre-empted to the point one might have thought it was cancelled (see "Futurama".) And, of course, it was eventually cancelled with several episodes left to air (see just about any GOOD fox show over the last few years.)

    If you've never seen this show and are a fan of shows like Scrubs, The Simpsons, or even Family Guy I highly recommend you picking up the DVD's if/when they are released. Great cast, great humor, great show. It's "the goofy fruit of the ha-ha bush."