Andy Richter Controls the Universe

FOX (ended 2004)


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  • Comedy that goes as far, if not further, as any good creative comedy should go. Vivid fantasies, witty humor, and best of all - Andy Richter!

    This show is like watching the funniest Attention Deficit Disorder comedy show you could ever imagine. It makes every scene memorable and hilarious, because if it lagged for more than 10 seconds at a time, even the show would have gotten bored with itself. Andy keeps the jokes coming, the hilarity flowing, and fights to keep the viewer on his side of the argument and does - no matter how much you wouldn't think you could. And whatever he can't do, his supporting cast certainly can; business-minded Jessica, overly-handsome Keith, young-and-naive Wendy, and neurotic Byron. Watch one episode - ANY episode - and odds are good you'll find at least one joke or quote that will make its way into your everyday life and keep you laughing at how true-to-life the show truly was.

    Perhaps someday they'll bring it back. Or at least re-air some old episodes for those who never had the chance to see it in action.