Andy Richter Controls the Universe

FOX (ended 2004)


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  • The show premise had so many great opportunities to impress, and did so for the first six episodes. But it slowly went downhill from there and ultimately committed suicide causing its own cancellation.

    Perhaps that's a bit harsh for a show that I have rated a 6.

    Bottom line... it was reality as reality was. For most people, we live life and dream about how it could be.
    Amazingly, the writers managed to capture the essence of what "work life" is like... if not a little more sarcastically than we all actually live. But it was funny.
    The first several episodes had be breathing for air as I was laughing out laud at the characters...
    Unfortunately, the last few episodes were filled with low-brow humor that nobody laughs at unless there's a laugh track to inform you when the show is trying to be funny.
    This show had great potential and demonstrated it far beyond my expectations in the first several episodes... The rest of it ... not so good.