Andy's Gang

NBC (ended 1960)


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Andy's Gang

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This popular children's T.V. show was a mixtures of dramas, story-reading and comedy sketches. It was filmed mostly in black and white and featured characters such as Squeaky the mouse, Midnight the cat and Foggy the Gremlin.
Andy Devine

Andy Devine

Clubhouse Leader

Vito Scotti

Vito Scotti


Frank Ferrin

Frank Ferrin

Puppet Character:Froggey The Gremlin

Nino Marcel

Nino Marcel

Gunga Ram

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  • Made an impression on me

    I was approaching 10 when this show came out. In 50's America we knew things were changing and accepted pretty much anything as being part of the transition. I loved this series. I knew, even back then, that it was low budget. But the characters and the format held my rapt attention. Froggy, of course, was great. A real troublemaker. Our own James Dean. But the catchphrase that sticks with me was from Midnight the Cat: "Midnight ... Niiiiiice." She was SO proud of herself.

    The reviews I read here and elsewhere capture well the absurdity of the program. Have I turned out the way I am because of Andy's side project? For such a prime character actor he added to what came before him to put out something that's indelible. I wouldn't rate it all that high but I loved it.moreless
  • Andy Devine as the genial host of a simple stage show with puppets and a bizzare serial about India and it's man-and-animal-made horrors.

    This program was indeed strange. Warm hearted old Andy Devine laughs his way through an excessively filmed program set on a dark curtained, even forboding stage with props like a big chair, a table and a wierd old grandfather's clock. It looks like the locale of a secret society meeting. Andy's cohorts include Midnight, a long haired pure black cat, a bit on the fat and lethargic side, who is supposedly multi-talented. Midnight can do all kinds of dances and play various musical instruments. All is done by film cut aways and inserts, done in a rather obvious way, but can still be funny. Andy requests a tune of Midnight, and then we cut to a close up of her head, as two fake cat paws holding a horn emerge up to her mouth, and music starts. The same might hold a tiny violin and bow, and then a cut away to Andy, impressed and enjoying the kitty concerto. Sometimes, Midnight is dressed in some costume, and after a cut away to Andy, we return to see a puppet version of Midnight stumble through a dance. Squeaky the mouse sometimes had a body double, but more often he was taped into a suit or a toy vehicle, the producers seemingly unconcerned that he's often seen trying desperately to squirm out of whatever they've put him in.

    Froggy the Gremlin was pobably the most beloved of the cast. He was a magic frog, a rubber doll that wore an old fashioned double breasted vest and tie. He was capapble of magic, all of it aimed at making Andy look foolish or getting him in bad with someone else. Guest stars would suffer Froggy's pranks as well. He had a deep voice, often repeating himself annoyingly: "Hello Andy, It's me again again, What's on your mind I ask I ask"?

    Andy also had a thick book labeled "Andy's Stories", which he would proceed to read from, segueing into a serial about two boys in India, who fight off bad guys and animals. It's really ineptly filmed, a laughable bunch of flats in a Hollywood studio or running around in a California wilderness, augmented with what seems like a vast library of Indian travelogues going back to what seems like Edison's day. Matching shots isn't a priority here, either. A rather stark problem with these tales of exotic mayhem is they are brutally unconcerned about what gets shown; in one episode a man is sentenced to death by having an elephant crush his head with his feet. One episode shows another pachyderm, supposedly with our heroes riding it, ripping a dead tiger to bits with flailing feet and tusks, all genuine footage! Even TV Guide questioned how they could include such material in a kiddie show. A fully grown woman I recently showed the above episode to was nearly traumatized- it's not nice stuff, and one can but wonder what was on their minds. There was no studio audience, just this same weary footage of an all-kid crowd cheering and jumping in their seats. The original sponsor was Buster Brown Shoes, which offered a premium comic book based on the show, they did they did.moreless
  • Andy's Gang was on TV in the early 1950's starring Andy Devine---who also starred in Wild Bill Hickock. The best part--maybe only part to me---was the portion with Froggy The Gremlin. It was so silly, that you had to laugh.moreless

    I would definitely give this a 10----because it is ---- Off The Wall. BUT--only the Froggy portion---because the other part of Andy's Gang were Midnight the Cat, and Squeaky the Mouse. They weren't near as funny as Froggy. Froggy would make the guests act ridiculous with mind control---since he was a gremlin. Guests with Froggy included A Tuba Player, A Mexican Bandido, Billy Gilbert A Story Teller amongst others. Also Andy had an India Type Serial each week---not too excited to me. You can purchase Andy's Gang online on DVD and VHS. Check it out and you will find that this is trully Off The Wall!!moreless