Angel (1960)

CBS (ended 1961)




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Angel (1960)

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Petite young French girl Angel has just moved to America and married her American sweetheart John Smith. Adjusting to American life is not easy, but it's very funny!

Angel was created by Jess Oppenheimer, who also served as executive producer and who earlier had created and produced the iconic I Love Lucy, and there were similarities between the two series. French actress Annie Fargé starred as naive but well-meaning French-born housewife Angelique "Angel" Smith, living in California with her American husband, architect John Smith, played by Marshall Thompson, who later starred in the CBS adventure series Daktari . Like Lucy Ricardo, Angel would sometimes find herself involved in innocent mischief, and like Ricky Ricardo, she had occasional difficulty making herself understood in English, with comical results. The Smiths' neighbors were Susie (played by Doris Singleton, who earlier had an occasional role on I Love Lucy as Carolyn Appleby) and her husband George (character actor Don Keefer), who were roughly equivalent to the Mertzes. Despite the clout provided by Oppenheimer, whose named and animated image were featured prominently alongside the show's two main stars in the opening, and by Annie Fargé being hailed by Time magazine as the most promising newcomer to television situation comedy, Angel did not fare well against the competition, mainly two other sitcoms, ABC's My Three Sons and NBC's Bachelor Father, and was cancelled after one season.


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