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Angel Beats!

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Yuri is the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, a group of humans who are rebelling against their god who destined them to have an unreasonable life. Tenshi is the chairperson of the student council (a group of angels) for the world after death and must battle against the SSS members who utilize various weaponry to even the odds against the angels harnessing supernatural powers. Opening Theme: "My Soul, Your Beats!" by LiSA Ending Theme: "Brave Song" by Aoi Tada
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  • It's either a hit or miss, no neutral ground. As you can tell by my score, it's a bullseyes!

    As a story writer, one of biggest things you're taught is how important the opening of your story is. Angel Beats opens up with the main character Otonashi in the middle of a war at a...high school, fought between...high schoolers? That's not the end of it; he doesn't remember anything at all! And the girl he wakes up next to? She says he's actually dead! Bewildered and confused, he goes up to an innocent looking girl trying to get a straight answer, and you know what she does? Grows a blade from her arm and stabs him! Apparently though in this world, you can't die; you'll feel all the pain of it, but you won't die. Is that attention grabbing enough? Some have expressed their dislike of being thrown in the fire of the show's setting, yet others, like me, love it!

    And that's why Angel Beats is one of the most prominent examples of a love it or hate it show. Actually, there haven't really been any negative reviews for the show, but there's a clear division between those who loved its beginning, the way it flip flops in direction, and others who dislike it. I've seen my fair share of mysteries and thrillers, and although a handful of Angel Beats methods are what you can say, cheap, the way it incorporates its quality traits like drama, comedy, and slice of life, just makes it that much greater of a show.

    Even if the division of fans that don't like its odd directing, most can't deny just how dramatic it can get, how funny it can be, and how great its school life elements are. In a world that is run by technical intricate rules, there was a land mine of material that was available to the animators, and they didn't disappoint at all. The dramatic parts are sort of like your KEY based animes (Clannad, Air, Kanon); morbid pasts that are helped engineered by the supernatural, and each and every one of them have been comparatively depressing. Its comedy, man if you dissected the comedy and turned it into its own show, it would be one of the best parody animes out there. It's just way too funny. And the slice of life? I'm normally not a fan of the genre, but the slice of life in Angel Beats was just fantastic; did a great job of developing the characters and giving off that laid back sort of feel to it.

    You have to wonder, how was an anime able to package all of this into a 13 episode timeframe? There have been some complaints about its time constraints, but personally speaking, 13 episodes couldn't have been anymore perfect--although it could have better explained some things towards the end. Those three genres above weren't taking turns every episode--sometimes it felt that way though--they all came together to create one product; as in the drama built off the comedy, slice of life on the drama, etc. Not to mention this is all orchestrated nicely by the mystery genre. How the anime was able to combine three genres and excel in each of them, constantly leave you in suspense until the very end, and pace itself perfectly, it's no wonder why to most, like me, it's being held in such high praise; heck it's already high on my list of best animes ever. Angel Beats is an absolute must watch. Even if you don't enjoy it, what do you have to lose, it's only 13 episodes.moreless
  • In the beginning you meet all the characters, and from there you learn more about how they got there and why they are will there. In the end you see them all accept their lives meaning.moreless

    I watched this anime and fell in love with it. They way the characters bonded with each other and how they all ended up where they are now. When the last episode came around I was worried how they were going to bring it all to an end. When the last episode was over I was so sad but a sadness that was the best feeling I could get from a television show. If you want to watch an anime that's short and sweet, then this anime should be your top choice. You will fall in love with the characters like I did and you will fall in love with the ending, though wish it could never end.moreless
  • This show will make you want to live your life with out any regret what so ever!

    Though this anime is short it is one of the best animes i have ever seen in my life It is about kids who died unhappily in their last moment so they are sent to this dimension to give them a second chance to live a happy life. With the "Angel" that tries to help the people who come to this dimension, there is also another group who feels that they do not want to leave for they want to fight "God" for their cruel deaths. Will they succeed and stay in this dimension or will they relive their lives and be reborn into the real world.

    This anime is not only the puppet master of the heart strings but it has some of the best messages for its audience that will up lift the heart every episodemoreless
  • Despite the fact that this show has no idea what it wants to be it is still very good.

    This show is set in a starnage world where a group of high school students who seem to have already died once battle against a strange young girl named Angel, in order to prevent themselves from vanishing for ever.

    The show has elements from a variety of different genres, there are elements of the typical girl's with guns genre, military aspects but also a lot of comedy and even a band that make a regular occurence and provide some slice of life type stuff.

    All in all it is a bit all over the place but somehow it works... I just don't know why. If you don't mind the lack of artistic clarity and can get passed the very annoying main charcter then this is a good show and definitely worth 20 minutes of your time a week.moreless

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