Angel Falls

CBS (ended 1993)


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Angel Falls

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Set in the small town of Angel Falls, this steamy primetime CBS soap followed the lives of three familys: the Snows, the Larsons and the Harrisons. Despite it's allstar cast, the series was unwisely canceled after only six, 1-hour episodes in the fall of 1993. If given a chance, it could have been the next "DALLAS"!

In the series opener, Rae Dawn Snow (Chelsea Field)returned to Angel Falls with her teenage son Sonny (Jeremy London), for her father Suds Snow's funeral. Suds left Rae Dawn the family poolhall in his will, so she decided to remain in town with Sonny and run it.

Shortly after returning to town, Rae Dawn resumed her steamy affair with her first love, rancher Eli Harrison (Brian Kerwin). Eli was now married to alcholic Genna (Kim Cattrall). They had two daughters, young Sophie (Ashlee Lauren) and teenage Molly (Cassidy Rae). When gossip spread through town that Eli and Rae Dawn were spotted skinni-dipping at the lake together, Genna turned to the new ranch hand her husband had hired, Toby Riopelle (Robert Rusler), for comfort. Toby, a drifter who had just arrived in Angel Falls, was on the run from the law and a secret past.

Highschool football coach Luke Larson (James Brolin) and his wife Hadley's (Peggy Lipton)marriage was falling apart following the death of their infant son, Robbie (Jimmy Baker)2 years earlier. Luke became increasingly concerned about his wife's mental state of mind following their son's death, and his gossipy and opinionated mother Irene (Jean Simmons)offered him little support. Instead, a hard as nails Irene said that Hadley needed to put Robbie's death behind her, pointing out that she too lost a baby, and got over it.

Rae Dawn's son Sonny had a hard time fitting in at his new high school when he was teased by his football teammates about his mother being the town tramp. After getting kicked off the team for fighting to defend his mother's honor, Sonny came home early and caught her in bed with a very married Eli. Soon a romance began to bloom between Sonny and Eli's daughter Molly. The relationship made both Rae Dawn and Eli very nervous...

Next stop, Angel Falls!