Angel Falls

CBS (ended 1993)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Fall from Grace
      Hadley befriends a troubled pregnant teen, and calls Luke. Brandi charges Sonny with rape. Toby sneaks into the hospital to see Shawnee, and the police open fire on him when they catch him and he tries to flee. Rae Dawn reveals a shocking secret to Eli about Sonny.
    • Lost Souls
      Lost Souls
      Episode 5
      Rae Dawn learns that Genna and Eli are closer than ever after "reconnecting". Molly and Sonny declare their love for each other. When Sonny dumps Brandi, she cooks up a rape scam to break the couple up. Luke fears the worst when Hadley disappears. Toby's past finally catches up to him.moreless
    • The Beginning of the End
      Luke stops denying that Hadley is getting better, and tells her that he's taking her to a doctor in Missoula. Genna tells Eli that she wants to use her inheritance to save the Harrison ranch. Sonny wants to end things with Brandi, and resume things with Molly, who fears her parents are going to get a divorce. Sheriff Bailey questions Toby about his identity, his past and Shawnee.moreless
    • Traps
      Episode 3
      Hadley tries to hide the fact from Luke that she's still haunted by memories of Robbie. Edie Wren and Irene gossip about Eli and Rae Dawn's affair. The police are called to the Harrison ranch, when Eli punches someone from the bank. Toby slaps a drunk Genna who shows up in the stables after her husband rejects her sexual advances. Brandi tells Molly that she and Sonny made love on her parents waterbed. Rae Dawn realizes that Hadley needs professional help.moreless
    • Only the Lonely
      Only the Lonely
      Episode 2
      Someone else learns about Rae Dawn and Eli's affair. Luke and Hadley's lives begin to return to normal, but their happiness is short-lived. Molly is hurt when Sonny apparently dumps her for Brandi Dare. Genna and Toby cross the point of no return.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Rae Dawn Snow returns to her hometown of Angel Falls with her teenage son Sonny for her father Suds Snow's funeral. Rae takes over her father's poolhall, and quickly resumes her steamy affair with her first love, married rancher Eli Harrison. Feeling neglected by her husband, Eli's alcoholic wife Genna turns to the ranch's new hired hand, sexy drifter Toby Riopelle for a little comfort in the stables. Toby is on the run from the law. Highschool basketball coach Luke Larson struggles to hold his marriage to his wife Hadley together, following the death of their son Robbie. Sonny has a hard time fitting in at school, due largely to his mother Rae's past. Later, Sonny catches his mother Rae Dawn and Eli in bed together. Sonny blows off some steam, by taking a ride on his motorcycle with a beautiful cheerleader named Molly, completely unware that she is Eli's daughter.moreless
  • Specials