Angel Falls

Season 1 Episode 5

Lost Souls

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 1993 on CBS

Episode Recap

Toby's surprised when Genna and Eli act like a couple of newlyweds, kissing and holding hands while they prepare to go to the bank in the morning. Brandi pulls Sonny away from a conversation with Molly at school, and tells him to stay away from her. Sonny tries to break-up with Brandi, but Ms. Dare doesn't give him the chance. On the drive to take Hadley to the doctor in Missoula, she and Luke stop at The Halfway House Cafe for pie. Toby goes to the poolhall for a beer, while he waits for Genna and Eli to finish up at the bank. Toby tells a surprised Rae Dawn that Eli and Genna are acting like lovebirds again. At the bank, Genna, Eli and Ed make a toast to the fact that the Harrison's saved their ranch. Eli tells Genna that he owes her big for everything. Luke is stunned when Hadley vanishes from the roadside diner after going to the washroom. When Luke sees a bus pulling out of the parking lot, he jumps in his truck and flags it down. He searches for Hadley on the bus, but she's not on board. The bus driver warns Luke that if his wife has ranaway, he better find her, because a woman was recently beaten and cut up by a sex maniac in the nearby town of Salmon River.

After rehearsing for the highschool's production of "Lovers", Molly and Sonny sneak backstage, and share a passionate embrace. Brandi shows up at the poolhall, and tells Rae Dawn that she and Sonny are inlove. A confused Rae thought they were just friends. Molly asks Sonny if he thinks it's weird that her father use to date his mother when they were their age. Sonny doesn't want to talk about, and tells Molly that he's inlove with her. Molly tells Sonny that she loves him too. Molly confides in her mother Genna that she has fallen inlove with Sonny Snow. Genna agrees not to say anything to Eli, as long as Molly promises not to ride on the back of Sonny's motorcycle. Besides, things are finally going good, and she doesn't want anything to upset her husband and spoil everything. Meanwhile, Eli stops to ask Sonny if he needs help when he sees him on the side of the road fixing his motorcycle. The two men get in a heated arguement about Molly. Sonny says that Eli is hurting Molly more than he ever could.

Sonny returns to the poolhall, and is frustrated to find Brandi waiting for him there. Rae Dawn repeats that Brandi told her that they're in love. Sonny's had enough, and takes Brandi up to the apartment. He tells her that the afternoon they spent on her parent's waterbed was a mistake, and although he cares for her, he doesn't love her. When Sonny dumps her, Brandi blames it on Molly Harrison, and vows to never let Sonny go. At night, the police serach the land surrounding The Halfway House Cafe for a still missing Hadley, with tracking dogs. While Luke fears that Hadley was taken by someone, the sheriff leans towards the theory that maybe Coach Larson's wife has run away. Eli, Genna, Molly and Sophie go for a picnic at the old rundown Harrison house in the field. Rae Dawn comforts Luke, who blames himself for Hadley's disappearance, saying that he waited too long to get her help. The sheriff tells Luke that they've learned that Hadley is alive, because she used her credit card to withdraw money from a bank in a nearby town. The sheriff calls off the search, and informs Luke to go home. He'll call him as soon as there's any news about his wife. Meanwhile, Hadley checks into a roadside motel, and falls asleep craddling Robbie's teddy bear.

Molly is almost seriously hurt during cheerleader practice, when Brandi purposely lets her fall during a routine. Later, Sonny learns of the incident, and confronts Brandi. A vengeful Brandi informs Sonny that she's considering calling what happened between he and her on her parent's waterbed rape! Sonny is shocked, and tells her that she knows that isn't true. When Irene tells Luke that he never should have married Hadley, he accuses Irene of only loving herself, and her other son Bo. Irene insists that she loves Luke and his brother Bo equally. Hadley watches children playing in a park. Sophie stays home sick from school, and recognizes a picture in the newspaper as Toby's girlfriend. Genna also sees the paper, and recognizes the picture in the paper as being of Shawnee, the same woman that Toby carries a picture of in his wallet. The newspaper headline reads: ATTACKER STILL AT LARGE - VICTIM IN CRITICAL CONDITION. Genna confronts Toby, and shows him the newspaper article. Toby is shocked to see that Shawnee is alive, and in critical condition. Toby swears to Genna that he loves Shawnee and would never hurt her. Genna tells Toby that the police are looking for her boyfriend Tom Labaron, and asks him if that's who he really is. Hadley steals a car from a gas station, and heads for Idaho. A missing persons report comes over the car radio about her, but Hadley's not listening. She's picturing her little boy Robbie sitting on the passenger seat next to her...