Angel Heart

Season 1 Episode 1

Glass Heart

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 2005 on Kids Station
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Glass Heart
14 year old assassin code named Glass Heart from the Suzacu unit doesn't want to kill anymore. Every time she kills her heart breaks and all she wants is to break free. Will her answer to her problems be the right one and solve all her problems like she wants. She’s not a lost cause yet and one year later Glass Heart is about to learn what her heart truly wants. Meanwhile somewhere else another broken heart wonders the streets. After an accident his fiancé was involved in one year ago he wonders if his life will ever be the same.moreless

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      • Glass Heart: (thinking) Even if I wake up, the only thing waiting for me is hell.
        Glass Heart: Leave me alone.
        Kaori: Wake up! Fight to live!
        Glass Heart: (glowing) I want to live! I don't want to die again!
        Kaori: "Don't want to die...again?"

      • Lin: Apparently, we're not to interfere if she has another seizure.
        Shan-in: But what a waste! We should definitely have a go at her before she's killed!
        Lin: You're still thinking about that?
        Shan-in: Hey, Glass Heart! Its been decided: you're to be terminated! If you don't want to die won't you wake up, and have some fun with me?
        Lin: Idiot! Turn off the mic already!

      • Kaori: You musn't die.
        Glass Heart: You again...
        Kaori: Live...please!
        Glass Heart: Leave me alone! You keep appearing in my dreams who are you? Where are you?
        Kaori: I'm nobody...I'm inside you. I am you...
        Glass Heart: Stop it! I don't care who you are! Kill me! M-My warm...Live...So warm...It feels so good.

      • Glass Heart: (shooting people) stop. I don't want to be manipulated into killing anyone anymore. Every time I take someone's life, my heart breaks. I die a little...That's why I died.

      • Worker 1: (Looking at Glass Heart) The more I look, The more I like! A-After she wakes up, I want to go out with her once!
        Lin: You sure about that? I'd rather a woman like her not wake up...ever...
        Worker 1: Lin-senpai! Are you...too "tired?"
        Lin: Why do you have to put it like that?!
        Worker 1: But...she's so hot...

      • (her father was just killed)
        Little girl: (about the ice cream) Papa! Papa, look I bought them. Let's eat them together. Papa? Papa, you can't sleep! The ice cream will melt! Come on wake up! Papa, wake up! Papa! Papa!

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