Angel Sanctuary

Fuji Television (ended 2000)


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Angel Sanctuary

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Setsuna Mudo is a problematic delinquent high school student, who is in love with his sister. To add to his problems, he is also a reincarnation of a fallen angel, Organic Angel Alexiel, which gets him caught in a messy war between heaven and hell. The angels fighting the war are corrupted, committing vile crimes and murders under the name of God and righteousness. This deeply goes against Alexiel's morals. She feels that the Evils are more pure in their actions since they do not put up a charade of purity to cover their crimes. She joins the Evils' side of the war and declares an official revolt against God. For her crimes in joing the Evils', Alexiel is sentenced to the most severe punishment given to the fallen; her body and soul are separated. The body is frozen in an angel crystal, it is then locked away in the deepest depths of angel security, and her soul is sentenced to be incarnated into a human mortal. Enter Setsuna Mudo. The anime consists of only three episodes because of the controversial topics included in the show. Main Characters: Setsuna Mudo: Setsuna is headstrong, rebellious, and impulsive, but he has a good heart and is fiercely loyal to his friends. He is hopelessly in love with Sara, and hated by his mother. He also has no memories of his previous incarnations, and at first resents his role as the chosen "Savior," wishing only to protect his and Sara's happiness. He matures as the series progresses, eventually surpassing Alexiel herself. Sara Mudo: The younger sister of Setsuna Mudo, who is actually the reincarnation of the soul of the former Great Cherub, Jibril, one of the Four Elemental Angels, the Angel of Water. Sara has a pure, innocent heart, but she has a fierce temper and sharp tongue. She is in love with Setsuna. Her soul was returned to her original body by Raphael, who claims to love her. Sakuya Kira: When Sakuya was six years old, he died in a car accident with his mother. However, the spirit of Alexiel's seven-bladed Holy Sword Nanatsusaya saves him. The two make a deal. Within Sakuya resides the soul of the demon Lucifer, which takes on the form of Nanatsusaya. The Sword has followed and protected Alexiel in every one of her lives because he loves her. Later, Lucifer was to reawaken but he retains memories of Kira Sakuya and Nanatsusaya. He still regarded Setsuna as a friend. Alexiel: Organic Angel Alexiel is the twin sister of Rosiel. One of the most powerful angels in heaven, she has three wings. Alexiel was loved by many, including Uriel and Lucifer. Alexiel is imprisoned by the heavenly army and put on trial for her actions. In punishment for her treason, Alexiel's soul is separated from her body, doomed to be endlessly reincarnated into a human on Earth; each of her lives are to be miserable and end in a painful death. Rosiel: Inorganic Angel Rosiel is the younger twin of Alexiel. He was wise, kind and benevolent, but knew he would eventually lose his sanity and become destructive. He is also obsessed with his beauty; because everyone calls him beautiful. The reason behind this obsession is because Rosiel was born as an old, hideous creature. His body doesn't age; instead, it becomes younger and younger as time went by. Rosiel's most loyal follower Katan secretly uses forbidden black magic to break the seal and brings Rosiel back. By this time, Rosiel has already lost his mind. Katan: Loyal to Rosiel, and obidient. He loves his sister and will do anything to prevent damage to her. Kurai: The deamon king and dragon master. She was rescued by Alexiel during the first great war. She swore to be be Alexiel's side. She ends up falling in love with Sestuna. She's spunky and playful, but cares deeply for her kingdom. Arachane: He claims to be Kurai's older cousin, when in reality, he's her older brother. He likes to pretend he's a girl. He's jealous of Kurai and, in the manga, ultimately drives Kurai to the deepest level of hell to marry Lucifer.moreless