Angel Sanctuary

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown May 25, 2000 on Fuji Television

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  • Setsuna and the Great holy war between the Evils and Angels, sends charaters of Angel Sanctuary in whirl-winds.

    Angel sanctuary is a well devolped thought out story about a boy and his incestal love or his sister Sara and how he over comes his adversities and becomes the "Savior." In this first episode, I think the director and the Dubb and Subb worked really hard to let the creativity show. And they have. This first episode pulls you in; it makes you ask your self several questions. Such questions, such as Who's Alexiel? Who is Setsuna, and why is he obessed with Sara? Who's Rosiel nad Katan, are answered on the upcoming episodes. It trues, however, that some are never answered in the Anime. For those questions, the manga is needed. I'd say, this episode is deffenetly worth watching.