Angel Tales

WOWOW (ended 2001)




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Angel Tales

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Goro Mutsumi is an unlucky guy. He's never had any real luck with his jobs, or with his school, until one fateful day he meets a fortune teller that tells him his luck is about to change, much to Goro's surprise, his former pets, are now Guardian Angels, sent to Earth from the spirit realm. Angel Tales tells of Goro's life with his 12 pets who are now female guardian angels sent to Earth by the Goddess from the spirit realm to protect him from harm, and to give him good luck. The Guardian Angels vary in age, the oldest being Yuki his pet snake, the flirt being Mika his old pet Rabbit. The series is comedy/harem anime, with 14 episodes, and a runtime of 23 minutes, the series was dubbed, and released by Bandai in the 2004 period.