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Angel Tales

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Goro Mutsumi is an unlucky guy. He's never had any real luck with his jobs, or with his school, until one fateful day he meets a fortune teller that tells him his luck is about to change, much to Goro's surprise, his former pets, are now Guardian Angels, sent to Earth from the spirit realm. Angel Tales tells of Goro's life with his 12 pets who are now female guardian angels sent to Earth by the Goddess from the spirit realm to protect him from harm, and to give him good luck. The Guardian Angels vary in age, the oldest being Yuki his pet snake, the flirt being Mika his old pet Rabbit. The series is comedy/harem anime, with 14 episodes, and a runtime of 23 minutes, the series was dubbed, and released by Bandai in the 2004 period.
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  • Another cute anime series

    'Angel Tales' is such a very enjoyable series. I love how Goro and his pets (who have become human angels) are like a family. It's kind of like 'Hand Maid May' only cuter. The music is beautiful and I love the artwork. Some of the Angels are so adorable and some of them are comical. The series gets cuter and funnier as it goes along plus more stuff changes but it's still enjoyable. This series is kind of like 'Chobits' and 'Hand Maid May' only it doesn't have any adult type humor aside from Mika sometimes and the omakes (parody shorts) but not as bad. Bandai picked the voices out pretty well. They still sound alot like they did in the Japanese version. This is defenitly a series I'd recommand for animal lovers and those who love magical girlfriend type anime series. Over All, I give this anime series a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • Wow, this is a really neat show!

    I really enjoy this show, and the way I got started on it is kinda funny. :P OK, so I admit, I'm a teenage girl that still enjoys online dress up games. There was this one under the anime section that had some girl named Akane, and I was curious as to what anime she was from, so I looked it up. I never did find out, but I got a whole bunch of other Akane's in the search, and one happened to be from Angel Tales. So I looked into the show, and I thought, "Hey, this looks like it might be kinda good!" So I found the pilot episode on youtube, in English, surprisingly, and it was awesome!!! I fell in love with this anime almost at once. I'm surprised that it has such low rating on this site.moreless
  • This show is full of fun! Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it is touching and sad.. One of the reasons why I am watching this because of the 12 guardian angels of Goro, I'd like to know their fear and what they are when they were still a pet of Gmoreless

    The main character, Gorô Mutsumi, has no luck at all, not with jobs, nor with his schooling, and especially not with women or girlfriends. That is until the day he meets a fortune teller who informs him that he will have a fateful encounter and gives him a cell phone with which she promises his luck will change for good. Gorô does not believe her as she just vanishes as he remembers all of his previous times of bad luck with women.

    It is then seen that he meets three girls who are waiting for him back at his apartment. They say they are now his Guardian Angels, sent to Earth from the spirit realm by the Goddess. They are the first three of his twelve beloved pets who had died due to Gorô's poor luck, returning to him on earth.

    Soon after more and more of his former pets return to him as guardian angels, and each desires to be seen as number one in his heart, as his favorite pet. Each also has fears which they must overcome, fears from their past lives, for to overcome them and to learn to live with each other as one big family is the only way they will ever stand a chance of helping Gorô turn his life around and gain some good luck that his life was missing.

    These girls however are not the only ones on earth, because of Gorô's own past life, because of what he was in another time and another place, there are strange people out there trying to put a stop to these girls turning his luck around. For their own reasons, these people fear Gorô and desire him out of the way. As the story progresses the girls learn they must protect Gorô not only from his own bad luck but from these other people, without fully understanding either who they are or why they want to harm their beloved master.moreless
  • Goro Mutsumi has had 12 pets all of different species. His life is changed when all 12 come back as guardian angels in the form of human girls to help and protect him.moreless


    Goro Mutsumi and the 12 girls share an appartment and allthough the girls consider themselves helpfull they can be extremely tiring.

    all 12 girls are Goros guardian angels from the maids world who are looked after by The Godess. when they change to their angel forms they wear differant dressers according to their age. All with lively personalities and loving memories of their master the girls fight to spend time with Goro.

    A few changes are made when 3 mysterious brothers show up and seem to be trying to kill Goro. But unaware of the danger will the girls manage to work together and save him?

    ---MY OPINION---

    i wouldnt really recomend this show to teenages because it is a little childish. it can be boring sometimes but i would say it is worth watching.moreless
  • Goro Mutsumi is a very unlucky young man until one day is told by a fortune teller that his luck is about to change. The reincarnated pets from his childhood soon make an appearance as beautiful guardian angels who swear to protect him no matter what!moreless

    At first I thought this show was a little strange, but I give all Animes a chance before I judge and toss them asside. I must say though this one is pretty good, it has a good story, a good cast of characters, and is entertaining, I think anyone who gave this a bad review should watch it again. What was so bad about this show, the music was pretty cool, the characters were entertaining, and the story was very origanal and unique. I think anyone who likes japanese Anime will enjoy this show!moreless