Angel Tales

Season 1 Episode 3

Let Me Help You, Master!

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 2001 on WOWOW
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Let Me Help You, Master!
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  • Tsubasa overcomes her trauma

    This was a good 'en. But now I'm wondering, "Are they next episode all about the angels overcoming their fears?" One would assume so after watching all the anime that I do. OK, so one day at dinner, two more angels show up unexpectedly. They are Mika the bunny and Nana the puppy. So now Ran, Tsubasa, and Kurumi are freaking out because it was hard enough to share Master Goro with Tamami, now they have to share him with Mika and Nana, too. Mika, being the boss as she is, (don't get me wrong, Mika is tied for my favorite with Tsubasa :P) decides that the only way it will be fair for each of them to spend time with Goro is to split the clock. Everyone gets four hours, but you get two at a time. First is Kurumi. She drags Goro to a ramen shop, Nano! :P Anyway, she totally cleans Goro out of money because she eats practically everything! Then it's either Mika or Tamami, but I know Nana comes after Tamami, and it's daylight, so I'll talk about Mika for now. Mika takes Goro to the park and she talks romantically to him, even though he's asleep. :P After that is Tamami, I think. Yeah, Tamami. She makes Goro read a bunch of books and go job hunting and stuff. Then comes Nana, and she and Goro go for a walk. But Nana gets lost, but then someone points her way back to him. After Nana comes Ran. But she doesn't get to spend any time with Goro at all because Nana got lost, and it didn't seem like it took him very long to find her, but then again, it is a half hour show. Anyway, maybe they just lost track of time. But when Goro gets back to his apartment, he is totally wiped. Ran brings him some tea, but he just falls asleep. Then Ran admits... SHE LIKES GORO?!?!? I like Ran, but I don't really think she should end up with him. As weird as it sounds, I want Mika to end up with him!!! ^_^ After Goro wakes up, Tsubasa takes him to the amusement park. Unfortunately, all they can do is ride the teacups and other kiddy rides because Tsubasa forgot she was afraid of heights. :P As Goro watches her ride the carosel, some guy comes up to him and hypnotizes him to ride the ferris wheel. After she gets off the carosel, Tsubasa searches frantically for her master, and sees him on the ferris wheel. He snaps out of his trance, and still thinking he was on the ground, opens the door and dangles off the side. *rolls eyes* Come on, could he not see he was 100 feet off the ground??? Tsubasa is in a jam. She's deathly afriad of heights, because she was a Parakeet in her last life. Goro's pet parakeet. Her wing was injured and whenshe tried to fly out the window, she fell and broke her neck! XD I know, I know, it's not funny, but the image they showed in the anime was hillarious and it made a cracking noise, which was kinda disgusting, but funny in a sick kind of way. :| Please don't hate me!!! Anyway, Tsubasa climbs up the metal beams to her master, and manages to save him from falling to his detah, the way she had 14 years ago. Or something like that. Anyway, Goro is saved. And what about the creepy guy who hypnotized him? He was watching from below that whole time. He's evil.moreless

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    • Rei: Did you know? A couple that rides this ferris wheel together will become lovers.
      Goro: Huh?
      Rei: (referring to Tsubasa) How about getting on with your girlfriend?
      Goro: But, she's afraid of heights.
      Rei: Oh? That's even better.

    • Nana: Wee! It's been a long time since I've taken a walk! Wee! Wee! Wee!
      Goro: (thinking) Come to think of it, Nana like to take walks, but she got lost a lot.

    • Mika: (to Goro) Master, to tell you the truth, I want to take care of you by myself. It's not that I hate the other girls, but when I imagine you with everyone else at a place I don't know... (Goro falls on her) Yeah, No master, you're so bold. No, I don't hate it. I already decided that when I met you again, I was going to...with master.

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