Season 3 Episode 20

A New World

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 06, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Previously on Angel, a horned monster fell out of the rift created by the pentagram in the lobby of the Hotel. The monster was followed by an 'animal skin'-clad boy, who quickly killed the monster. The boy aimed a three-chambered wrist-mounted weapon at Angel. Angel realizes the boy is Connor, Angel's son.

Angel tells everybody to stop while Gunn runs for weapons and while Groo moves to attack Connor. Connor shoots two stakes at Angel, one hitting Angel in the shoulder. Connor deflects an axe thrown by Groo.

Cordy tosses Angel a sword, and Angel begins fighting Connor's wrist-weapons. Connor is wild, fighting off Angel, Groo and Gunn all at once. Angel tries to tell everybody to stop attacking Connor, but nobody listens. Angel pins Connor to the ground, and disarms him. Connor runs out of the Hotel, and Angel gives chase. Groo and Gunn have to stop Angel, and pull him out of the sunlight. Groo and Gunn chase Connor as he runs into the traffic of the street, and Connor climbs on top of a city bus.

Gunn returns to the Hotel, telling Angel that Connor is on top of a #17 bus, and Fred offers to check online for the bus's destination. Cordy explains to Angel that her up-until-now unexplained vision was of Angel fighting Connor. Gunn asks how Connor grew from an infant into a teen so fast. Lorne asks why Connor returned, noting all the violence directed towards Angel and co. Angel wants to find Connor and talk to him. Fred explains that Connor's bus should end at Union station, and Angel leaves into the sewers. Cordy notes the crackling from the rift above the pentagram. Fred suggests the rift to the Quor'toth is still open, and more things might come out. Cordy tries to order the rift closed with her newly-acquired demon powers, but her attempt is in vain. Fred suggests asking Wesley for help, and Gunn notes that Wesley told Gunn not to come back again. Lorne offers to go find rift-closing help. Cordy and Groo stay, to watch for any more creatures from the Quor'toth. Gunn reveals to Fred that Wesley told Gunn how to save Fred from the slugs.

Lilah arrives at Wesley's apartment, noting Wesley's lack of Get-Well balloons. Wesley notes that Lilah is trying to offer Wesley a job. Lilah lists some of the perks, and Wesley says no. Lilah gives Wesley a book, called 'Dante's Divine Comedy', which is a guided tour of the nine levels of hell. Lilah notes that the man viewed by history to be the worst sinner of all time was Judas of Iscariot, the betrayer. Lilah leaves.

Connor takes in the sights and sounds of this new world, from atop the bus. Connor jumps off the bus.

Angel is in the sewers, talking with Gunn on his cellphone. Gunn explains that Connor jumped off the bus and is heading downtown on foot. Angel realizes Connor's going to head towards the less densely populated areas. Fred and Gunn will keep looking for Connor, while Angel waits for the sun to set.

Under a bridge, Connor watches as a woman named Sunny tries to exchange some goods for some drugs with a man named Tyke. Tyke doesn't like Sunny's CDs, and Sunny gets upset. Tyke is dragging the protesting Sunny inside his car, when Connor appears. Tyke calls three goons, one of whom clubs Connor in the head with a crowbar. Connor falls to the ground.

Tyke rips Connor's necklace off his neck, and tells the goons to get rid of Connor. Connor wakes up, and starts fighting the three goons. Tyke tries to shoot Connor, but Sunny attacks Tyke from inside the car. Tyke's bullet accidentally kills one of the goons. Tyke tries to shoot Sunny, but Connor disarms Tyke first. Connor and Tyke fight, and Connor knocks Tyke out on the car. Sunny stops Connor before he slits Tyke's throat. Sunny steals Tyke's jacket, with drugs and money in the pockets, and warns Connor that the police are probably coming. Connor cuts off Tyke's ear, before leaving with Sunny.

At the Hotel, Groo is standing perfectly still, watching the rift, talking to Cordy. Cordy notes that Angel does statue-still training. Groo notes that Cordy is always talking about Angel. Cordy explains to Groo that she only cares for Groo. Cordy and Groo kiss, and get knocked apart by lightning from the rift.

Angel, Fred, and Gunn are under the bridge, where there are three police cars and assorted crew. Gunn explains to Angel that somebody saw Connor jump off the bus up the road. Angel notes that he can smell Connor's presence was under the bridge. Gunn explains that a goon got shot by somebody who wasn't Connor, but Connor might have sliced off an ear. Angel cites Connor's upbringing. Fred and Gunn return to the Hotel.

Sunny and Connor squat in an abandoned motel. Sunny learns that Connor is a big-game hunter, who is not from California. Sunny gives Connor some abandoned clothing, which he changes into. Sunny tries to explain why murdering Tyke would have been bad, but Connor doesn't understand. Connor sees a spoon and realizes it's used for eating. Sunny takes the spoon, claiming it's for her drugs, which she stole from Tyke. Drugs are something Connor doesn't understand either. Connor and Sunny bond.

Fred and Gunn enter the Hotel, to see Cordy and Gunn lying unconscious on the floor.

Sunny asks Connor why he came to L.A., and he explains that he came looking for Angel. Sunny leaves, for the bathroom.

Wesley opens Lilah's book, to see a picture of the devil, with Judas trapped in his mouth. Wesley closes the book.

Connor wakes up, and can't find Sunny. Connor enters the bathroom. Sunny has slumped over, dead, with a tourniquet and syringe in her arm. Connor picks up the bag of Sunny's drugs. Angel is in the doorway to the bathroom.

Angel asks if Connor took any drugs with Sunny, and Connor says no. Connor returns to the bedroom, and sniffs Tyke's jacket. Angel takes away the jacket, realizing Connor wants to track down Sunny's drug dealer. Angel and Connor begin throwing each other around. Connor reveals that his name is Steven, not Connor.

Cordy and Groo have woken up, and aren't sure if anything else escaped while they were unconscious. Fred reads in a book that the creature Connor killed usually has a mate. Cordy asks where Lorne is, so that they can close the portal. Fred is about to call Wesley, when Lorne arrives, with a blue-haired Mistress Meerna in tow. Meerna randomly transports to places, making it difficult to keep track of her. Lorne explains that it is a side-effect of specializing in dimensional magick.

Angel tells Connor not to run away. Angel wants to know everything about Connor, and tries to explain how Angel tried really hard to enter the Quor'toth to find Connor. Connor notes he found a way out, before explaining that Holtz has taught him everything about Angel and Darla. Connor makes Angel morph into his vampire face. Angel returns to normal. Tyke arrives, with goons and guns.

Angel tries to resolve the conflict without violence, but Tyke appears to only be half-listening. Connor is angry with Tyke for being responsible in Sunny's death. A goon arrives, explaining that cops have surrounded the building.

Mistress Meerna explains that the rift in the Hotel is a tear in reality. After a spell, Meerna closes the rift. Cordy asked if anything else came through, and Meerna responds that she doesn't know. Meerna leaves.

Angel and Connor start fighting Tyke's goons, as the cops head towards Sunny's motel room. Angel makes to leave, but realizes Tyke is using Connor as a shield. Angel offers himself as a shield. The cops start shooting through the door, and Tyke lets Connor go. Angel and Connor hit the floor, before running for a window. A cop kicks down the door, and tries to shoot Connor in the back with a shotgun. Angel takes the blast in his back. The cop takes cover as Tyke opens fire on the cop. Angel and Connor jump out the window.

Angel offers to let Connor come back to the Hotel, and Connor says no. Angel tries to act very fatherly, but Connor rejects. Connor leaves.

Connor runs into a darkened alley, and greets a character in the shadows. A man walks out, and is revealed to be an elderly Daniel Holtz. Holtz greets Connor, and Connor addresses Holtz as his Dad.
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