Season 3 Episode 20

A New World

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 06, 2002 on The WB

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  • Connor: The Teenage Years

    A New World-Angel's son Connor is brought back from the Hell dimension a feral teenage warrior, and is hellbent on vengeance against his father for Angel's bloody past. When he fails, the confused teen escapes to the mean streets of L.A. Determined to set things straight, Angel searches for his son, who in the interim befriends a troubled but kind homeless girl. Meanwhile, the dimensional rift through which the young man traveled continues to cause trouble at the hotel.

    After the arrival of a mysterious boy from Quor-toh, we come to realize that it is Connor and his return to his father makes for interesting episode. Vincent Kartheiser makes good first appearance as the slightly confused yet fearless young teenager struggling to adjust to the streets of L.A. I love that the episode shows L.A. as another hell dimension for Connor and how the people he interacts with shapes his opinion of this world. The fight scenes in the episode are all great especially Connor beating on the thugs of L.A. and even ripping off one's ear...ehh, Tyson much? David and Vincent have some nice chemistry as Angel tries to make his son realize he's his son and he can't make up for his past. Another great part of the episode is Lilah offering Wesley a nw job as his now unemployed and lonely. Both actors work off each other well, as you can see how much each truly depise each other. The episode ends on a frustrating note as Holtz had returned, ohh here we go! All and All, a great episode with some nice developments and scenes.