Season 3 Episode 20

A New World

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 06, 2002 on The WB

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  • Connor returns and he ain't happy (what's new?)

    A New World is a great episode with some great scenes but due to the fact it brought my least favourite character (Connor) into the show I can never fully love it.

    The opening scene is quite good but the slow mo fight seriously annoyed me- it's not The Matrix people! Also, Angel's drawn out "Nooo!"'s were just annoying as hell- whether it's his son or not he just tried to kill him! Also I didn't like his whole "once I have get a chance to talk to him" riff- Connor has been brought up in a hell dimension, raised to despise Angel and told to kill him and Angel thinks that by saying a few words Connor will become a happy, loving child? Think Angel. Actually, Angel just annoyed me the entire way through this episode and I don't really know why. The girl Connor saves, Sonny, is a tragic character and couldn't be a worse way to introduce Connor to L.A.- her world is terrible and although she is nice, she introduces him to fighting and drugs. Connor's experiences twist his view of this world and make him even more distrustful than he already was.

    The Cordy and Groo scenes were interesting. The part where he says he thought her affection for him has waned and then she opens her eyes during the kiss somewhat proves he's not right for her and that she's having doubts. It's so clear to us as viewers that her and Angel belong together and it's frustrating having to wait until the end of the season to see it happening!

    Lilah and Wesley's relationship pretty much begins here with their first meeting. I like that she's so honest and tells him he committed the worst sin- betrayal. I like their relationship and think it's interesting, especially next season.

    A New World is a great episode that has some nice scenes and a shocker ending of Holtz appearing (uh-oh). It's very important and shouldn't be missed.