Season 3 Episode 20

A New World

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 06, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Connor speaks with an American accent. This seems odd since his only parental figure and the only person Connor ever talked to was British so he couldn't have picked up his accent from anyone.

    • When Angel runs after Connor into the daylight, his reflection can be seen in the glass door.

    • Vincent Kartheisers' introduction as Connor continues the trend of welcoming characters late in the season who join the main cast in the following season. Following on from J.August Richards as Gunn in "War Zone" (1x20) and Amy Acker as Fred in "Belonging" (2x19).

    • In the scene at the hotel with Sunny, Connor's shirt changes from shot to shot.

    • Gunn said that the pentagram in the hotel lobby was a "dark attempt to open a fissure". However, it was actually a spell to make Sahjhan corporeal. Although, Angel wanted to make Sahjhan corporeal to "open a fissure" which in a roundabout way means Gunn was correct.

    • In the previous episode, there was a huge demon that dropped in from the portal just before Connor did. Connor killed it and it just fell to the side, but in this episode there's absolutely no sign of the thing.

    • Since when do cops just blast blindly into a building without knowing if there are any bystanders/hostages inside...and shoot people in the back on their way out of windows without identifying them as one of the perps (without even yelling stop)?

    • During the opening fight with Connor, David Boreanaz has either gained a lot of weight for this one scene or is (more likely) wearing a lot of protective padding. It's particularly visible when he kicks Connor in the chin.

    • Watch the opening scene and the axe Groo throws at Connor. It's a fake CGI: Mark Lutz's hand is open as he winds up and "throws" the axe.

    • LAPD cops (and cops in general) would typically wear vests and helmets on this kind of mission, or put some on darn quick when shooting started up. Instead they just go charging into the apartment without either as Tyke and his flunky open fire and then keep firing.

    • Good response time for the LAPD. During the fight with Connor, Tyke and his guys get off a shot or two, they're in a deserted culvert that doesn't appear to be anywhere close to anything, and yet the LAPD show up pretty quickly. It's kinda surprising anyone even reported anything.

    • The timing in this episode is kinda weird. At the end of the previous episode it was nighttime. At the beginning of this episode Connor arrives and runs out into the sunlight. He rescues Sunny. And then...he goes back to her hovel and it's nighttime again. What did they do for 10-12 hours before they got there? Okay, they stopped for groceries using Tyke's money but that shouldn't have taken that long.

    • Why are Tyke's flunkies just hiding while he roughs up Sunny? What's the point of taking three thugs with you for intimidation just to hide them out of sight while you intimidate someone?

    • Why does Wesley think Lilah wants him to join W&H for his "knowledge of Angel Investigations"? W&H knows where Angel Investigations is, they know who are members, they know the backgrounds of all of their members, they've got the place bugged (or at least they used to), they've got prophetic scrolls, and they've got tons of mystical research. What exactly can Wes tell them that they don't already know?

  • Quotes

    • Gunn: (about Connor) A couple of weeks ago he was wearing diapers now he's a teenager?
      Cordelia: Tell me we don't live in a soap opera.

    • Cordy: Isn't your neck stiff? You've been standing exactly like that all day.
      Groo: Pylean warriors are trained for such endurance. I once happened upon a herd of Burrbeasts. And as you know, engorged Burrbeast will couple with anything that moves. I was forced to stand, perfectly still, for 11 days and nights.
      Cordy: So you were never...?
      Groo: No. That honor was yours, princess.

    • Angel: Okay. Look, I'm going underground. Somebody hit the surface streets.
      Gunn: We got it, man.
      Groo: We will not fail... man.

    • Sunny: So, that was really cool today. So, where did you learn to fight all bad-ass like that?
      Connor: In Quor-toth.
      Sunny: Quor-toth? That's in Mexico, right?

    • Holtz: Hello Son.
      Connor: Hi Dad.

    • Tyke: I'm sorry, did you say no need for violence? You might want to speak up, you see, I don't hear so good anymore!

    • Fred: Connor's new to this world, alone...probably scared.
      Gunn: Yeah, he looked scared, kicking my ass!

    • Tyke: An entire suit made of shammies. That's different. 'What are you wearing to the Oscars?' 'My shammy suit.'

    • Lilah: Wow. Guess when she slit your throat, she nicked your sense of humor.
      Wesley: Not at all. I find you being here extremely funny.

    • Angel: We can make this right.
      Tyke: Can you give me a new ear?
      Angel: Maybe you can wear a hat.

    • Lilah: (to Wesley) The worst spot in Hell is reserved for those who betray. So don't pretend you're too good to work for us.

  • Notes

    • Mike Massa was nominated for the 2002 American Choreography Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Fight Choreography" for this episode.

    • Keith Szarabajka did not appear in the opening guest cast credits, and was credited at the end of the episode in order to surprise viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Lilah: The one person in all of human history deemed the greatest sinner? Who is it?
      Wesley: Judas Iscariot.
      In the Christian Bible, Judas Iscariot was one of the Apostles of Jesus. He is best-known for betraying Jesus to the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas for "thirty pieces of silver", ultimately leading to Jesus' crucifixion at the hands of the Romans.