Season 4 Episode 7

Apocalypse, Nowish

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on The WB

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  • Cordy and Connor take it to the next level

    Cordy is having nightmares of the evil Lorne read in her in Slouching Toward Bethlehem. It is something bad, as expected. Fred and Gunn go on what they thought would be a simple call but it turned out to be the bathroom from hell (Rats galore!) Soon the office is flooded with calls of an apocalyptic nature. Wes even shows up to pool data with the gang, much to Gunns chagrin. Angel gets intel from W&H and he and the gang (sans Fred who has run off in a snit about Gunn)figure out that all of the calls are in a pattern exactly like the info pulled out of Lornes head. We get our first encounter with the beast who has risen from the exact spot Connor was born. Connor is sure that the beast is something connected to him, but Cordy reassures him that isnt the case. While a rain of fire falls on the city, Cordy and Connor have sex. Angel, fresh from his fight with the beast, decides to check in on Connor/Cordy at exactly the wrong time and sees them together. OUCH
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