Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2003 on The WB

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  • Angel still and forever will be in love with Buffy.

    Let's begin shall we? Start off with the different faces of people in LA. We get it already. Los Angeles is diverse... while Larry McCormick (RIP) reports in the background. Cool, they used the real Los Angeles WB affiliate. The gang realize that LA will become a demon playground. Jealous Gunn makes a swipe at Wesley who everyone believes has run away skurred. But he's actually got his henchmen to beat up one of Wo-Pang's guards while he cleans his knuckles trying to fool us into believing that he did it. Yeah right! The gang is feeling pretty useless and Conner has apparently been inhabited by the spirit of S5 Dawn. Angel tells his son to get over it. He finally understands what Cordevil was telling him last ep. Angel tries to be proactive with pep but is interrupted by Wesley. Hee! Orange Zinger. Angel and Wesley bicker a bit but Cordevil wants her way so she sneakily convinces Angel. Angel needs a cage, Gunn is dumb, Wesley is smart... we get it.

    Onto the desouling and into Angel's fantasy. Angel easily removes the leather straps... I guess they would've all been dead if the desouling would have gone through... in Angel's mind. Tattoos galore. Fred is kinda shy at seeing Wo-Pang's butt. Heh. Gunn is dumb, Wesley is smart... we get it. Cordevil busts out her mojo... I guess she's just plain ol' non-evil Cordy here. The sword's in LA and Angel asks what we're all thinking, "How is it a sword from the third century is conveniently located here in Los Angeles?" But never you worry, Cordy has an explanation for that... touché writers. Boobie-Traps galore. A shot of Wesley avoiding the bells is used twice... sloppy. Cordelia looks at her boobs (no I didn't mean Angel and Wesley) and says, "Oh, I knew you two would get me in trouble some day." :lol: Wesley deciphers the riddle... kinda. "He was wrong", is Connor's reply and Angel gives him the meanest look ever...Well I'm assuming, 'cause his back is turned. Connor still wants to impress Cordy with his strength... it's not working. I guess Angel is a big fan of Indiana Jones... otherwise there wouldn't be so many references in his fantasy.

    Cue Angdelia. You know? This doesn't disgust me as much as Spuffy. Go fig. Angel finds the sword... Yay! The place goes all fire bad tree pretty. They manage to get out and sneak in a kiss not so sneakily. The Hyperion. Angel sees Gunn as a clumsy little kid. Ha! Gunn is dumb, Wesley is smart... We get it. The beast is tired of waiting so he goes to the Hyperion. Unfortunately he doesn't knock this time. Aaand they fight. There's a father/son bonding moment... Aww. The beast is no more. Apparently, Angel wants Gunn and Wesley to make up... Aww (Too bad its not real). Nice shot of Downtown Los Angeles. Cordelia and Angel get their swerve on and Angel yells "Buffy!" right before he loses his soul. Aaand Angel is now Angelus. Angelus muhahahahs a bit and we get to see the jar o' Soul. Cool.