Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

The crew is eating dinner at an elegant restaurant. They're celebrating Cordelia's good fortune of being cast in a network commercial. Gunn and Wesley are discussing getting a flame thrower for the current case when Angel jumps up and races over to a woman who is leaving the restaurant. He accuses her of wearing a shawl made from the skins of dead children as the entire restaurant watches the scene he's creating. Quickly, he discovers that he's made a mistake and the crew get up to stop him. Cordelia comes over and apologizes to the woman and ushers Angel back to his seat. Gunn remarks: "If we had a flame thrower, we could set the table on fire and draw a little more attention to us," with a sarcastic tone of voice. Angel fumbles with an explanation for the mistake when Cordelia suddenly starts to moan. She pulls the table cloth off the table as she falls out of her chair to the floor becoming violently ill. Angel wonders if they will remove the appetizer from the bill. Wesley's in his office speaking to his mother on the phone. He tells her to go ahead and put his father on the phone. He wishes him a happy birthday and updates him about being put in charge of the group. Wesley's smile turns into a placid expression as he listens to what's being said on the other end of the phone. He tries to interject with explanations but is repeatedly cut off and agrees with what has been said. He puts the receiver back in the cradle and sits solemnly looking at it the phone on the desk. Gunn comes in as asks if he was talking to someone. Shaken from his reverie, Wesley tells Gunn he was talking to his father, that it's "his birthday" and that "he sends his greetings to everyone in Tinsel Town." Angel arrives on the set of Cordelia's commercial. As he's looking for her, he notices a spotlight that simulates the sun. There's a woman standing in front of the director's chair wearing a bikini and she smiles thinking he's looking at her. He walks toward her and passes her without a glance and she gets and she glares at him. As he's basking in the artificial sunlight, Cordelia walks up to him and asks him what he's doing there. With a big grin, he tells her he's "getting a tan" and "not bursting into flames." He starts to ask her a question about her vision but she stops him as the director approaches. The director treats Cordelia disparagingly and Angel takes exception to it ordering him to apologize to her. The director threatens Cordelia's career and she apologizes as she pulls Angel away from him. The director leaves and Angel offers to rip his head off for her. She becomes angry with him and orders him to leave. Angel asks her if the Haklar demon from her vision ate people or just livers and tells her that they have different feeding grounds so he needs to know in order to track it and kill it. She stares at him for a moment and walks away muttering: "I hate my whole life." Wesley paces in the Hyperion lobby as Gunn sits watching him. Gunn asks for details about the "Hakler" demon and Wesley tells him it's "Haklar, with two A's." He launches into a detailed explanation of Haklar demons and their habits but Gunn stops him and tells him he only wants to know how to kill it. Wesley responds with: "Oh. Your standard slice and dice," just as George and Rondell enter the lobby. The four men greet each other and George and Rondell tell Gunn they came to borrow his truck to kill some vampires for whom they've set a trap. Gunn decides to go with them and tells Wesley to page him if Angel finds the Haklar. Just then, Angel returns with the location of the beast and Gunn tells George and Rondell he will meet up with them when he's done killing the Haklar. With disbelieving expressions, they leave. As Angel passes out the weapons to everyone, Wesley asks him what's wrong and he recounts the tale of the events that occurred at the studio. He complains about the way the director treated Cordelia and that she just took the treatment without arguing. He describes the bikini she was wearing as he wrings his hands around the handle of an axe. Gunn and Wesley form a mental image of what Angel explained and then quickly agree that the situation is despicable. Gunn asks: "Shouldn't we be off killing something?" Angel and Wesley agree and they all leave. Lorne is on the stage at Caritas singing Superstition when a portal opens behind him and a Drokken comes out into the club. It works its way through the crowd to the stairs breaking things along the way and shoving patrons aside. A visibly shaken Lorne tries to calm the customers by telling them: "There's nothing to worry about. It's all part of the show." Cordelia delivers her line as she leans over a male model pretending to applying suntan lotion to his shoulders and back. The director says "cut" and proceeds to criticize her for being in the model's light. Angrily, he tells her to lean over more and that it's the second time he's told her to do that. She protests complaining that she will fall out of her top if she leans over more and he tells her she will be out of model's light then. She starts to suggest that something can be done with the lighting and he interrupts her. He tells her he hired her "to show the cleavage and say the line" and asks her if she's got it. Reluctantly, she says she does. Angel and Wesley return to the hotel and find Cordelia moping in the lobby. Angel apologizes for embarrassing her and she says she embarrassed herself. She asks about Gunn and Wesley explains that he went to help his crew hunt some vampires. She asks about the Haklar and they tell her they killed it right before it could eat a group of power walkers. Angel tells her one of the power walkers hit Wesley and Wesley tells her that "apparently, she felt I disrespected the Haklar's culture by killing it." Cordelia responds with: "This town sucks," and walks off. Lorne enters and says he needs to hire them to kill a Drokken. As Wesley turns to look the demon up in his books, Lorne says he won't find it there and stresses again that they need to kill it. They ask where they can find it and he says he doesn't know, but he imagines "it's getting pretty hungry by now." Two men exit a night club and are walking down the sidewalk side by side while the Drokken is watching them from an alley. As they pass the alley, the Drokken jumps out and attacks them knocking one to the ground and wrestling with the other. It rips them up and dines on them. A blonde woman approaches and the Drokken looks up at her from its meal with blood dripping from its mouth. The woman screams. Angel asks if that's all the information Lorne has on the Drokken and Wesley asks what it's doing here, what it's capable of, and what it wants. Lorne comments: "Who cares? It trashed my club, my clientele." Angel wonders how that's possible since Caritas is a sanctuary and no violence is allowed and Lorne admits that the Drokken didn't kill anyone nor did it do any real damage to anyone. He stresses that the Drokken is bad and wants to know if they are going to help him or not. Angel starts to announce their plan but Cordelia stops him and nods in Wesley's direction. Angel apologizes to Wesley and turns to Wesley for a decision. Wesley decides that they should follow Angel's plan of starting at Caritas and moving outward a circular search pattern until they find the Drokken. As Angel and Wesley walk away, Cordelia puts her hand to her forehead and leans forward moaning. Lorne asks what's wrong with her as she becomes violently ill and they tell him food poisoning. She sits back up and is hit with a vision of Fred in the library opening a book. Fred reads from the book, a portal opens, and she is sucked into it as she screams. Cordelia relays the vision to the others and they feel that it's the link with the Drokken and want to go to the library to check on it. Initially, Lorne protests that the Drokken is more important but acquiesces when he realizes he's not convincing anyone to look for the Drokken instead of going to the library. They all start to leave and Lorne stands in the lobby watching them for a moment before joining them. Gunn walks up to his old crew's headquarters and asks where everyone is. The man on guard duty doesn't speak and keeps looking at the ground. Gunn enters the building with all eyes on him as he walks up to see Rondell lying dead on a couch. George turns Rondell's head to the side to display the bite wound on his neck. Gunn asks if the vampire made him drink and George tells him they don't know. Angel, Cordelia, Lorne, and Wesley are walking into the library and Lorne is chatting with Angel. Lorne stops quickly as he almost collides with a librarian. They are both startled and she mistakenly assumes he's there for the children's reading group that is scheduled for the next day. He agrees with her and tells her he's there to view the setting as he prefers not to perform without doing that first. She tells him his costume is wonderful except for the horns and directs him to the reading room. He leaves to go check out the room. She tells the others that the library will be closing in 5 minutes and they tell her they are actually looking for a tall woman with long dark hair that they believe is a library employee. She can't think of anyone matching that description but when Cordelia tells her the woman wears a locket or an apple, she realizes they are talking about Fred. The librarian pulls a flyer out of the desk drawer with Fred's picture on it and shows it to them while she explains that Fred disappeared 5 years ago and has never been found. Cordelia recognizes the picture and Wesley asks the librarian for details of Fred's disappearance. The librarian tells them that "it was creepy. One minute, she was cataloging in the foreign language section and the next minute, she was gone." They start looking around the stacks where Fred was when she was last seen, but they are not sure for what to look. Lorne returns and tells them how wonderful the reading room is and that he's "tempted to just show up tomorrow morning with Harry Potter." In an annoyed tone of voice, Angel tells Lorne they are trying to work on the problem he brought to them. Lorne remarks: "I really like that circular search pattern thing you pitched. Has there been any talk of going back to that?" At that moment Cordelia lifts a large book from the shelf and recognizes it from her vision. She opens it and she and Wesley try to read it while a visibly uncomfortable Lorne watches. As they sound out the words, there's a blinding flash of light, a portal opens and Lorne begins to yell. A green demon resembling Lorne comes through the portal and he and Lorne are yelling in unison. Angel and the demon begin to fight. Lorne recognizes him as Landok, his cousin and tells Angel he can knock Landok unconscious Landok recognizes Lorne and says: "Can it really be you Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok Clan? They're all commenting on his name and he tells them that he prefers Lorne, but usually doesn't go by that because he's green. Angel is the only one who gets the reference to Lorne Green from TV series, Bonanza and comments that it makes him feel old. Lorne introduces everyone to Landok after he convinces Landok that these are his friends, not his captors. Landok accuses him of being a coward and shaming his family, but Lorne protests and tells him that they are, in fact, they are partaking in a Drokken hunt. Landok reveals that the way to kill a Drokken is by piercing "it with a weapon dipped in Thromite" and Lorne explains that "Thromite" doesn't exist in this dimension. Landok tells them that it will be difficult to kill the beast in that case and offers to help them. They all walk out past an astonished Lorne and he follows after a moment. Gunn drives up to his old neighborhood with a truck bed full of old wooden furniture. Angrily, he grabs George by the collar and tells him they should've waited for him. George says: "We've been waiting on you for months, bro." Gunn releases George's collar and they starting adding the furniture to the pyre they're building. Landok stands over a mutilated body and explains that the Drokken will be at maximum power because it has fed. He waves his hand slowly in front of his face in a horizontal position and Angel asks Lorne what he's doing. Lorne explains that "he's channeling his mind to identify the Drokken's aura" and offers that when he uses the same sense to help people he's shunned. He tells Angel that his home is void of shades of grey, that there's no music or art, and nobody "ever admits to having actual feelings let a lone talks about them. It's a world of champions roaming the countryside. Can you imagine living in a place like that?" With a look of longing on his face, Angel says: "No." Wesley is concerned because Gunn isn't answering his pages and Cordelia tells him that Gunn if probably just busy helping his old crew. She's looking through the book and tells Wesley that she feels they're missing something but she's not sure what it is. Landok senses which way the Drokken headed and Lorne asks: "What, you want a medal?" Landok brings up Lorne's cowardice again and Lorne insists that he's not a coward, that he just "saw both sides of the joust." He wants to know "how are you supposed to joust someone when you partially agree with his opinion?" Landok says the Drokken has taken food for later and it slowly dawns on Cordelia that he means people. They drive up to a warehouse and see the Drokken run past with a woman under its arm. Angel asks Wesley what to do and he decides they should create a diversion using some flares he's brought with him. Landok becomes impatient and jumps out of the car to chase the Drokken. Angel follows even though Wesley tries to stop him so they can create a plan. Inside the warehouse, Landok fights the Drokken and it bites him on the arm. Angel comes up and starts fighting the Drokken and Lorne and Wesley enter the warehouse. Landok wants his sword and Lorne reminds him that he's been poisoned. Lorne tells Wesley that the poison is deadly to his people and the antidote for it can only be found in his home. The Drokken knocks Angel to the ground and runs after the woman who escaped during the fight. Wesley helps Angel to his feet and Angel chases the Drokken as Wesley lights a flare and follows him. The Drokken watches them from his vantage point atop a tall stack of palettes. Angel tells Wesley to "find the woman and get out" and he will "find the Drokken." They walk among the palettes in opposite directions. Landok requests his sword again and Lorne reminds him that he can't lift his arm. Angel searches the warehouse for the Drokken and Wesley searches for the woman. Angel starts talking to the Drokken trying to lure it out of hiding. Wesley sees the woman run by and runs after her. He catches up to her and tells her it's ok and she doesn't need to be afraid when she screams. As he turns around, the Drokken attacks him knocking him to the ground and the woman runs away. He shoves the burning flare into its mouth and it rips the end of the flare off with its sharp teeth. Wesley pulls his hand back and studies the gnawed remains of the flare. Angel runs up, fights with the Drokken, and stabs it through the throat with his sword. The Drokken falls to the ground dead. As they walk back to the car, Landok insists that Lorne perform the rituals so he will receive glory when he dies. Lorne refuses and says that "no perishables" are allowed here. Cordelia tells them that if Landok reads from the book where they know a portal exists, he will be able to return home. They get in the car to go find a place to open a portal and Landok asks Lorne for his promise to perform the rituals. Lorne tells him it won't be necessary because nobody is going to die. A somber Gunn watches as George lights a match and throws in on Rondell's funeral pyre. The flames lick up around Rondell's body as the gang stands watching in silence. The crew ushers Landok into Caritas and Angel helps him onto the stage. Angel hands him the book and tells him to read aloud which should open the portal. In parting, Landok says to Angel: "To the defeat the Drokken, you must be a great and noble warrior." Landok says his goodbyes and tells Lorne he feels they "will meet again." Lorne says: "Oh God, I hope not" as Landok begins reading aloud from the book. The club begins to shake, the portal opens with a blinding flash of light, and Landok is sucked into it. The portal closes and Lorne suggests that they just "forget this ever happened." Angel (standing next to Lorne) says: "I'm down with that. Wes?" Wesley (standing next to Angel) says: "Fine with me, Cordy?" There's no response from Cordelia so he repeats her name. Standing in place, they all look around for her calling her name. Cordelia wakes up lying on the ground. She brushes leaves from her hair as she gets up and surveys the scene. She sees two suns in the sky and animal skins hanging from the trees as she utters the exclamation: "Oh crap!"