Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2001 on The WB

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  • Landokmar of the Deathwok Clan arrives in L.A.

    Belonging is a solid, fun episode that has good character interaction and dialogue but a somewhat uninteresting plot that moved slowly. This episode is basically just setting up the 3 episode Pylea arc and as such isn't as interesting or fun as the next 3 excellent episodes are. The story of Landok arriving in L.A. and hunting the Drokken demon was so-so. It has the demon of the week feel which is never good but probably a better demon than some of the things Angel comes up with. The Gunn gang scenes were just.. pointless really. Nothing ever comes of Gunn's guilt, so why include it? Thank God there are only 2 more of these gang episodes left of the series- they're tiresome and completely annoying. The moral of the episode however is to with belonging somewhere. No one truly belongs in L.A. , it's just sort of a place you end up in. Angel felt he didn't belong with his friends. Cordelia felt she didn't belong with her acting career and decides to give it up here. Wesley felt he didn't belong with his father- shown by the phonecall. Landok didn't belong in our dimension. Gunn didn't belong with his gang. At the end of the episode, Cordelia disappears into Pylea where she didn't belong. It's a not so subtle message and one that wasn't necessary either, it felt sort of shoved in to the episode.

    The dialogue in this episode makes up for the somewhat average plot and Lorne is definitely the highlight of the episode- he had some great lines and lifted the mood. Angel was quite funny in this episode and definitely more light hearted than I've ever seen, which is good. Cordelia is excellent as always- can she ever be annoying? The short answer is no. I like that this episode sets up the Pylean arc though. Season 2's first arc, the Darla one, was outstanding but almost too dark at times, it was depressing at times to watch. However, the Pylea arc is pure fun and you can tell they had an excellent time with it. Belonging is a good episode, though somewhat uninteresting at times. It is needed to set up the next 3 episodes however and shouldn't be missed.