Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Angel and Cordelia training with swords in the basement. Angel is only teaching Cordy how to defend herself, but she insists that he teach her how to attack as well. He concedes and she catches on very quickly thanks to her former cheerleading days.

At Wolfram & Hart, the man that Angel rescued from the fire prison in the demon dimension, Billy, is waiting in Lilah's office and talking to Gavin. Lilah comes in and tells him that his family was worried sick about his disappearance. Billy's uncle, a congressman, shows up to take him home. After they leave, Gavin and Lilah bicker in the office. She insults him and he hits her hard against the head and starts choking her. Billy is shown smiling as he walks down the hallway.

Back at the hotel, Wesley tells Cordy he's proud of her taking the initiative to train. She calls him on having a crush on Fred. He admits it and they discuss how it may or may not be smart for people in the office to hook up. Cordelia suddenly has a vision of a man killing his wife in a convenience store. While the gang tries to figure out how to find the couple, Cordy tells them it is too late. The murder happened a week ago.

Wesley managed to get his hands on every bit of information dealing with the crime Cordy saw in her vision from his source. There was no history of domestic dispute. The man confessed to the murder, saying he just wanted to get her to stop talking. Angel notices that Billy is in one of the surveillance photos from the convenience store. Cordelia feels responsible for the death of the woman since Billy was freed from his prison on account of her. Angel comforts her and assures her that it is not either one of their faults.

Angel goes to confront Lilah. She won't invite him into her place. Even though it is obvious that she has been severely beat up, she refuses to help Angel find Billy because his family is politically untouchable and they are still clients.

Angel, Wesley, and Gunn go to Billy's family estate. Angel jumps the fence, finds Billy in a window, and breaks in. Since Angel is able to enter without being invited, he assumes that Billy isn't quite human. Billy admits that he doesn't hurt women, but he likes to watch. Suddenly, the police show up. Billy had called them and told them where to find a body so they would take him into custody. As they are doing so, he grabs the arm of a male officer and briefly leaves a glowing red handprint. Angel watches them all go.

In the police car carrying Billy, the male officer Billy had touched starts to beat the female who is driving after a few minor insults. The car ends up in an accident.

At the hotel, Angel tells the gang what happened and says he is going to get Billy from the police station. Fred informs him that he isn't there; she heard on the police scanner that there was an accident and he escaped. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn go to the scene of the accident. Gunn decides to see if he can get any information from the female cop that was forced to shoot the one attacking her. Angel finds some blood that Billy left while escaping and Wesley takes a sample to analyze. Angel leaves to find Billy.

Back at the hotel, Cordelia is packing up weapons and Fred catches her. Fred tries to stop Cordelia from going after Billy, but she leaves anyway. Wesley immediately arrives afterwards and asks Fred to assist him.

Cordelia goes to Lilah's and barges in. She manages to get Lilah to tell her about Billy and what he does to people. At first Lilah refuses, but Cordelia convinces her to tell her where he went.

Angel comes across another attack, one in which a taxi driver had beaten his female fare. He forces another taxi driver to tell him where the driver's last stop was.

Billy shows up at his cousin Devin's place, where there is a party going on. His cousin is not happy to see him and doesn't want him starting trouble.

Wesley and Fred notice that some of Billy's blood cells are super-charged. Fred concludes that Billy's power lies in his blood, which means he could possibly transmit it through his sweat, saliva, or touch. Wesley asks Fred where Cordelia is and she gives him a circumspect answer. He gets very irritated and snippy with her. Fred tries to quietly leave the room, but he forces her to sit down. He begins acting very creepy and berates her for making him lust and then laughing at him behind his back. She denies it and he slaps her hard. She starts to run off, but he stops her at the door and throws her against the stairs. She gets up and runs up them.

Angel shows up at Billy's cousin's place. Devin tells him that the family knows the rules when dealing with Billy; you can't let him touch you. He also tells Angel that Billy came for money and he gave it to him to get rid of him. Cordelia had already been there and the cousin told her that Billy was going to the airport to take a jet to someplace far away.

Back at the hotel, Wesley is looking for Fred with an ax in his hand. He is taunting her and making derogatory remarks about women. He eventually finds the room she is in and her hiding spot under the bed. He throws her up against the wall and starts to kiss her. She jabs him with some nails, knees him in the groin, and runs off.

At the airport, Cordelia confronts Billy. She tells him that she is the one who suffered the visions so he would be rescued. He thinks she's there to whine, but she shocks him in the crotch with a tazer and says that she's there to send him back to the demon dimension.

Wesley is still hunting Fred in the hotel. While trying to escape, she runs into Gunn. He takes her into a room and starts to barricade the door. She explains what happened with Wesley and Billy's blood. This is bad news because Gunn had touched the blood sample when he came back. He feels himself start to change and tells Fred to knock him out with a table leg. She can't do it until he starts threatening her and visibly becomes enraged. She then whacks him twice on the head. Wesley finally breaks into the room. He tells Fred she is stupid for looking for a cave to hide in instead of running outside where she would be free. She tells him that he's right, but he forgot that she also likes to make things. She whacks him the head and down through the floor with a fire extinguisher booby-trap that she quickly whipped up.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Cordelia is about to shoot Billy in the throat with a crossbow when Angel stops her. Billy grabs Angel face and tries to work his mojo. Angel looks conflicted and tries to get Cordy to leave. She says she refuses because it is all her fault. It turns out he was just faking and that Billy's touch didn't affect him. He starts to fight with Billy, who somehow draws his strength from the earth. Cordelia is about to get off a clear shot with the crossbow when several shots ring out. Billy drops dead, courtesy of Lilah's handgun. Lilah strikes a "so there" pose and then walks off.

Later, Angel and Cordelia are training again. Angel explains that Billy's touch didn't affect him because he wasn't human. He had let go of all the hate and anger long ago. Cordelia points out that his being a demon somehow made him less petty than humans. She also points out that she is getting used to being creeped out and comforted at the same time.

At Wesley's apartment, he sits alone staring out the window. Fred shows up and tells him to come back to work. He is so ashamed he can barely speak to her. He tells her that he is very, very sorry. She says it wasn't his fault, and that it wasn't something inside of him, it was something done to him. She tells him they need him to come back to work. He responds that he doesn't even know what kind of man he is anymore. She says that she does, a good one. He tells her that he will come back to work. She leaves, and he starts crying. She can hear him through the door and seems to contemplate returning to comfort him before she leaves.