Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2001 on The WB

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    THE GOOD: Very interesting way to touch upon a societal ill, namely abuse of women. Fantasy shows always are able to do these things so creatively. Wesley and Fred in the hotel.... very well done, and tres The Shining.

    THE BAD: This is the first episode where Wesley's feelings for Fred are unmistakebly known. Ever since seeing the last episode, where he and Fred are compared to Romeo and Juliet, I've been looking back at old episodes straning to see where exactly this is, because I always thought there relationship, at least on Fred's end, was kind of sudden... and it is! Fred's first apperance is "Belonging". Wesley sees her picture and is seemingly unimpressed, thius destroying the romantic "I loved you before I even knew you" uttered in "A hole in the world". Her first introducation to Wesley is "There's no place like Pltz Glrb", and for 6 episodes he seems rather unimpressed with her. Now, in "Billy" he shows interest. There's no positive reaffirmation until she kisses him when she's dating Gunn, and then even that lingers in nothingness for a long time. Hardly Romeo and Juliet when they really only get to spend 1 episode together, both in love.