Season 1 Episode 21

Blind Date

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Blinded By A Lawyer

    Blind Date-Lindsey McDonald, Wolfram & Hart's wunderkind, finally has a crisis of conscience when a vicious, blind assassin is sent after a group of young kids. Now he must convince Angel that, despite his past actions, his motives this time are honorable.

    A dark episode which features a very cool villian and some depth from Wolfram and Hart's leading man, Lindsey McDonald. The character was always one of the most interesting and original characters that Angel as a series ever produced and this is one of first times that Christina Kane gets to flesh out his acting as the misguided lawyer. What's always been an interesting aspect of the character is that he is never really evil, his just taking advantage of a life that was given to him since he had such a porr past. Both Angel and Lindsey make an intriguing duo through whole hour, I especially loved the scene where Lindsey is telling Angel his life story and Angel plays it off like his bored by it all, LOL! The blind assassin woman is a great villian, and the way she sees through her heart to anticipate her opponent's move is cool to watch. Especially the scene where Angel kills her, which is brutal but effective. This episode also has some hilarious moments like when Gunn makes a scene at Wolfram and Hart then let's loose a vampire. Also, Angel steals a mystical scroll that is pivotal for him, but that's for the next episode. Of course, Lindsey goes back to Wolfram and Hart which is sucks since he could have change, but means a lot a juicy storylines for next episode and beyond. All and All, a great episode with a solid plot and funny moments.