Season 1 Episode 21

Blind Date

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • Angel tracks down an assassin hired by Wolfram and Heart.

    Blind Date is the penultimate episode of S1 and if I'm honest, I'm slightly glad. While I do love any Angel and Season 1 is great, it just has no arc whatsoever and I prefer arc heavy shows. Anyway, BD is a very good episode for a number of reasons but some things about it just annoy me. The villain of the episode was alright. She could have been alot more menacing true, but the blind thing was an interesting twist and she's definitely one of the more unique villains in the show. W&H's top 3 lawyers were also very good but I hate that they're putting spotlight on Lindsey as he's the least interesting and Christian Kane isn't much of an actor in my opinion. He's just in no way threatening. Lilah's excellent and much better than Lindsey. Lee was also quite good but was killed off too soon- a shame in my opinion. Holland Manners is introduced here- he's good but we don't really get a good sense of him until S2. I found the whole Lindsey turning good for 15 minutes quite ridiculous actually as for a man claiming he wants out badly, he very quickly takes the promotion. It's a bit out of character, in my opinion. The actions scenes weren't epic or anything but the whole break in to Wolfram and Heart was good. I liked the execution scene where the mind readers are reading the lawyers and you think Lindseys dead but instead he kills Lee. It was a good twist.

    Blind Date was good episode- not amazing or outstanding but definitely entertaining and it's an episode of Angel- miles ahead of most television.