Season 1 Episode 21

Blind Date

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 16, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'How am I supposed to fight evil if they won't even put it behind bars?'


    A nice way to get close to the first season’s end.
    and a great way to focus on a recurring character just before it ends.

    The episode begins with Angel meeting a blind woman named Vanessa, but she isn’t like most blind women, she’s a serial killer who works for, surprise, Wolfram & Heart.

    Angel goes to court and tries to get her in jail but he doesn’t succeed, it depressed him. He’s mad at W&H who keep saving evil from bars.

    We also meet Holland Manners who is the boss of W&H, he tells Lindsey that Vanessa is going to kill some blind kids and that Lindsey has to make up a story to get Vanessa out of prison once again.

    Lindsey had already proven to be a great character and have chemistry with Lee and Lilah. But in this episode he proved so much more. The killing kids was a bit to much for him so he decides to go to Angel and tell him he wants out. The chemistry between him and Angel was pure and fresh, Angel doesn’t want to hear from it until Lindsey talks about the kids, Angel wants help to get more information but they’ll have to break in W&H and to do that they make up a plan.

    Once again, Gunn proved to be a very fun character. He helped to get a vamp in W&H while Angel went in backdoors. When he gets the disks he can’t help himself but to take a scroll with him. When Angel escapes Lindsey tries to do the same but gets caught by mind readers and together with other lawyers he gets taken to a room where they all get read. Turns out that Lee was going to another office and that’s why he gets shot in the head, Holland also knows about Lindsey and asks him why he did it, but he doesn’t kill him, instead he gives him time to think.

    Meanwhile the gang get the disks encrypted when Lindsey shows up. He wants to save those blind kids with Angel, Vanessa was an interesting character. She made herself blind and trained herself to sense the heat, but when one doesn’t move (Angel is dead and all) she can’t see it move and that’s how Angel defeats her, he stakes her with her own stick.

    The episode was very well written, it made Lindsey a lot more interesting than he already was. Angel also caught the scroll that tells about his prophecy and Lindsey gets a bigger office offered at W&H and he decides to take it. Very well written episode despite it not being one of the classics.

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