Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2003 on The WB

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  • The Beast.. has a boss.

    Calvary is an outstanding episode and one that I think is shamefully underrated- it would definitely make my Top 15! Every minute is excellent and it is what I consider the second or third best episode this season- behind "Orpheus" and maybe "Spin The Bottle". It is highly suspenseful and kept me gripped from start to finish!

    Lilah returning was of course brilliant. I'm a huge fan of Wolfram and Hart's leading lady and she is, in my opinion, the best villain in the Buffyverse and that's saying something. Buffy and Angel have some absolutely amazing villains- Angelus, Glory, Drusilla etc.- but Lilah's my favourite of them all. Why? She's manipulative, in it for herself, incredibly intelligent, has no concsience and above all human which means Angel won't kill her. She's played to perfect by Stephanie Romanov and I was really sad to see her die here- we only have 3 more episodes of Lilah brillianc left!

    I really enjoyed her entrance as well- she's no longer the well groomed, immaculate girl she once was but is unkempt and clearly not loving life on the run! Angelus goading her was good too- she may be his ticket out of his cell but he still isn't going to be polite. It also brought her relationship with Wesley back to the spotlight- just as Wes seems to be getting the girl of his dreams, his ex comes back and Fred learns they've been sleeping together, resulting in Wesley having to wait over a year to be that close to Fred again! I was glad it was revealed though as I don't think Wesley deserved Fred yet- his actions towards her relationship with Gunn prove that. I'm glad Gunn dumped Fred though and not vice versa- shes in the wrong IMO. Lilah delivered some truly funny lines here and I loved that she spoke her mind so completely and shook up the group.

    However, Lilah related excellence isn't the only reason I loved this episode. The whole "Master of The Beast" thing was done brilliantly and kept me wondering (on first watch) who it was the entire episode. Everything seemed to be coming together here- they have discovered parts of the boss' plans and their actions so far. It was done incredibly and that last moment where it's revealed Cordelia- the champion and woman Angel loves- is this terrible thing was a masterstroke. It's one of the biggest shocks in the entire show and her killing Lilah was a great way to tell the audience who it is. Calvary is an episode that will keep you guessing and gripped right to the shocker ending that will blow your mind. It's a brilliant episode and should not under any circumstances be missed.