Season 3 Episode 4

Carpe Noctem

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2001 on The WB

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  • Angel the Pensioner

    Carpe Noctem is one of the most unoriginal episodes of Angel. The body swap thing has been done in every fantasy show including BtVS (which did it so much better) and the old man playing Angel was a horrible actor. Yet, David Boreanaz's performance made this episode. He's actually very good at comedy and looked like he was having a great time, which made this episode enjoyable.

    Okay one thing before I start the review properly; is it just me or does Charisma Carpenter get hotter every episode? Even when she's pregnant she's still attractive! OK I'm done.

    The plot of the body swap, as said, is so completely unoriginal. Every fantasy series has done. Xena, Buffy.. you name it, they've done it. Carpe Noctem is hilarious but when compared to the awesomeness of Buffy's one (4.16 Who Are You?) it falls slightly short. It doesn't make it any less enjoyable but it makes you wish they'd have done one where a more important character swaps with Angel. The old man who plays Marcus/Angel was horrible and it never felt like Angel was there. His delivery was off and makes you wish he'd watched an episode before doing it. David Boreanaz however made this episode- his portrayal of Marcus like a kid in a candy store was spot on and he made me laugh several times through it. The shining moment was Marcus-in-Angel's speech to Wesley, thinking he was Fred. It was hilarious and Alexis Denisof's facial expression was spot on. Lilah was excellent as always and her line "Well, here we are at my office. Bye" to Gavin makes me laugh every time for some reason. I like that she's prepared to help Angel, her worst enemy, just to get one up on Gavin. She's such a unique villain and definitely a femme fatale. Gavin is annoying and even makes me wish Lindsey was back, as his talk of building code violations wears thin for me as well. Her and Angel's love scene was shocking- who knew Lilah had a thing for our resident vampire!

    I felt so bad for Fred in this episode. She doesn't need any more emotional damage and to walk in on Angel like, I felt for her. Amy Acker is incredible and portrays Fred excellently- she's perfect for the role. Her hitting Angel over the head with baseball bat at the end was fun though. The end was a small tie in with the end of BtVS 6.04 "Flooded" where Angel finds out Buffy's back from the dead. It's annoying the networks wouldn't allow a cross over which would have been ideal but it was also good it wasn't dwelled on a lot.

    Carpe Noctem is a funny, silly filler episode and one of the few comedy episodes of Season 3. It doesn't have an amazing plot but the dialogue and acting keep it interesting.