Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode begins immediately where the previous one left off. Angel is checking on the baby when Lorne enters. They discuss Groo's arrival and Angel insists he doesn't have a problem with it. However, he takes his tux jacket back out of the closet in order to smell Cordelia's perfume one more time.

Cordelia and Groo go back to her place. They get close and start to smooch when suddenly she sees a demon in his place.

The next morning, Angel and Wesley talk about needing to learn more about Connor and his destiny. Wesley is going to try to find commentaries on the scrolls and their meaning.

When Cordelia arrives, she tells the two men that she and Groo didn't have sex last night because her vision of demon was a real mood-killer. She remembered that there was the possibility of losing her visions if she had sex with Groo. Wesley says that her recent transformation may have changed things but Angel encourages abstinence anyway.

In the meantime, Gunn and Fred are having breakfast. They make googly eyes at each other and Gunn lays plenty of lame, romantic lines on her until Wesley interrupts them with a page.

When the gang assembles, Wesley explains that Cordelia saw a Senih'D demon and they expect it to rise before nightfall. He tells Groo to go through the sewers with Angel to find it while the rest of the gang drives to the park. Angel is not happy with this plan or with Groo using his favorite broadsword. Wesley notices Gunn and Fred being all lovey-dovey while he is explaining the plan.

While in the sewers, Groo tells Angel that he thinks that he has made Cordelia unhappy. Angel assures him that Cordelia is not unhappy; she is just afraid that she will lose something if she gets too close. When Angel and Groo find the demon, they fight it until it escapes out into the daylight to attack a human. Groo follows the demon out and kills it while Angel is forced to remain in the shadows. The gang and all the local bystanders praise Groo for his excellent work.

Back at the office, a client tells Angel that she thinks a witch has cast a spell on her fiancé to make him cheat on her. Angel thinks it is a silly case, but Wesley assigns Gunn to follow the fiancé, apparently to get him away from Fred awhile. However, Fred immediately decides to accompany Gunn on the assignment.

Wesley and Angel go to pick up the books that might help with the prophecies regarding Connor. While at the shop, Angel confesses to Wesley that he is concerned that Groo will replace him. Wesley assures Angel that he is the reason they have all come together and that he is unique.

Cordelia decides to cut Groo's hair. Groo hopes this will make Cordelia like him more. Cordelia says that hair isn't the problem, but that it is her inability to give herself to him. He understands that she is afraid that she'll be less than what she was.

Meanwhile, Gunn and Fred follow the fiancé to a big tree, where he stands motionless with a rose. Fred sets up the video camera to watch him, but Gunn and Fred distract each other with smooching and more romantic talk. When they look up, the man has disappeared.

When Wesley and Angel return from the shop, they find Groo with a haircut similar to Angel's and wearing Angel's clothes. Cordelia tells Angel that she needs his help in order to have sex with Groo. She said she worked through her feelings of restraint because she was tired of being lonely. She found some woman who works at a demon brothel that sells a paranormal prophylactic potion that will keep her from losing her visions if she has sex with Groo. She needs Angel to go with Groo to pick up the potion because Groo is so naïve and might get into trouble at a brothel.

Gunn and Fred search for the missing man around the tree and can't find him. When they watch the tape, they something pull him underground. At the next moment, the tree wraps its roots around the pair and pulls them under as well.

Angel and Groo go to the brothel and pick up the potion. While they are there, Gunn calls Angel from under the tree, where he and Fred are entangled in the roots. The tree is actually a demon that sucks the life from the people it pulls under. It lures its victims to it by using its DSL connection to place personal ads. Gunn and Fred don't want to call Wesley; they want Groo to come rescue them.

Angel and Groo go through the sewers to get to the tree. Groo charges in, despite Angel's warnings, and ends up getting caught by the tree. Fred tells Angel that she doesn't think hacking the tree will help since it didn't appear to have any vital organs. As the tree sucks on Groo's life, Angel taunts the tree by claiming that he is stronger, smarter, and a better dresser than Groo. At the same time, he beats on Groo in order to hurt the tree demon. The demon takes the bait and unleashes Groo and starts sucking on Angel's chest. Since Angel is a vampire and has no life, the tree weakens while feeding on Angel. When Gunn's bonds become slack, he takes the sword and stabs the tree demon's face, killing it.

Back at the hotel, Wesley congratulates Fred and Gunn on their good work. After Fred leaves, he asks Gunn why he didn't tell him about Gunn and Fred's relationship. He tells Wesley that he didn't think it was any of his business. Wesley agrees, but then tells Gunn to make sure she doesn't get hurt. Gunn can tell Wesley is upset, but Wesley tells him that she has chosen already, he just wants to make sure she is taken care of.

Cordelia patches up Groo. Angel covers for Groo's stupidity in the retelling of the day's events, but Groo admits to Angel saving the day. Cordelia gets really turned on by the way Groo didn't take the credit when he could have. Angel pulls Cordelia aside before they leave and gives her a big wad of money. He tells her to take Groo someplace sunny and to not come back for a couple of weeks. She looks confused but agrees.

Lorne puts Connor down in the bed. Angel tells Lorne that he's okay while smiling down on Connor. Downstairs, Wesley is translating the books they picked up. Angel brings Connor downstairs, startling Wesley. When Wesley says that he thought he was alone, Angel replies, "Yeah, so did I," and smiles at Connor. Wesley face turns very grave at this remark. The camera pans to the paper that Wesley was writing the translation on and the words "The Father will kill the Son" can be seen written on it.