Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Angel is sitting alone, sketching a portrait of Darla on a sketchpad. Wesley, hesitantly, enters the room, and stands behind Angel. Angel asks what Wesley wants, and Wesley claims that he's just making sure everything's all right. Angel tells him yes. Wesley asks if Angel's certain there's nothing on Angel's mind, or anything Angel wants to share. Angel tells him no. Wesley doesn't seem convinced, as he examines Angel's suite. The floor is littered with sketch paper, all failed attempts by Angel to capture Darla's essence on paper.

Darla lies in a chair, moaning to herself, when Lindsey enters. The floor is covered in fragments of broken mirrors. Mirrors that previously occupied the walls. Lindsey shows concern at Darla's cut hands and slit wrists, and asks what happened. Darla, recalling everything that's ever happened, asks Lindsey which thing he was thinking of. Lindsey blots at Darla's wrists with his handkerchief, as he realizes it was too early to send Darla to Angel. Darla strokes Lindsey's hair, and asks him if he has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Lindsey tells Darla no. Darla brings up her 150 year relationship with Angelus, and tells Lindsey that he should have seen team Angelus-Darla in their heyday. Darla explains to Lindsey that if Angel is no longer a demon, and Darla herself is human, then Angel is now Darla's soul-mate. Darla starts laughing, and all Lindsey can do is stare.

1609, The Virginia Colony: Darla lies in a bed, with light shining in on her through a window. Two nuns stand on either side of Darla's bed, as a Doctor removes a leech from Darla's arm. Darla asks them to close the shutters, and one of the nun's complies. Darla wishes not to die with the light blinding her. A cloaked priest arrives, and tells Darla that was the last time she will see sunlight before her death. Darla inquires who invited a priest into her home, and the priest reveals that Darla herself did, from a delirious sleep. Darla reveals to the priest that she is a whore, and the priest suggests that Darla should have consulted a priest long ago. Darla tells the priest that he should have visited a long time ago, for she would have made his life interesting. The priest asks Darla if she wants to renounce Satan and accept God's forgiveness, but Darla claims God never did anything for her. The priest asks the two nuns to give himself and Darla some privacy, and they comply. The priest tells the doctor that Darla's life is beyond gone, but her soul is now in the priest's hands. The doctor follows the nuns' exit. Darla offers her soul up to the Devil because either way, Darla dies. The priest removes his hood, to reveal the scarred, pale face of The Master. The Master tells Darla that she will not die, but will instead be reborn. Darla claims to know The Master, who acknowledges that he was singing to Darla from outside her window last night. Darla believes The Master to be Death, until The Master explains that he is Darla's savior. Just because God hasn't ever done anything for Darla doesn't mean The Master won't. The Master leans in, and sinks his fangs into Darla's neck.

Angel is sitting behind his desk at the Hyperion Hotel, with Cordy and Wesley sitting before him, and Gunn pacing behind them. Cordy voices her opinion that this is a bad idea. Angel points out that Team Angel shouldn't wait for Wolfram & Hart to make a move, but should instead move first. Cordy asks if kidnapping is going to be involved, and Angel clarifies that he just wants to find Darla. Cordy points out that Darla was in Angel's bedroom for several weeks, and Angel explains that day-visitor Darla was a different situation. Cordy points out that day-visitor Darla was sitting on top of Angel. Wesley points out that Darla wanted to be found last time, but now she is hidden amongst 6 million other humans. Angel notes that they're detectives, and should be able to investigate this. Cordy points out that the only way they could find Darla was if there was a website that told Team Angel exactly where Darla was. Cordy suggests driving around LA in Angel's top-down convertible, and let Angel try and smell for any trace of Darla. Gunn notes that Wolfram & Hart probably having housing arranged for out-of-town visitors. Wesley notes that Darla was raised out of the deepest depths of Hell by an ancient and dangerous ritual. Gunn notes that no matter where Darla's from, she's living somewhere and that costs money. Gunn also guesses that W&H are law-friendly enough to know how to write it off as a deductable. Cordy leaves, to go look through W&H's real estate acquisitions. Wesley follows, adding that they should check subsidiary, not just primary holding. Angel calls out and tells them that Darla will probably have something with a view, because she always loved a view.

1760, London: The Master is sitting on a big, carved chair, while Angelus stands before him. The Master laughs, noting that Angelus is Latinate for Angel. Darla brags that Angelus' name would be infamous in his home town, had Angelus not killed all the town's folk. The Master caresses Darla's hand, while she continues her tale of cutting through South Wales and North England, with Angelus at her side. Darla notes Angelus' magnificence. Angelus makes a wisecrack about Yorkshire men, and both Angelus and The Master laugh. After Angelus' inquiry, The Master explains that he commands the order of Aurelius, a team of elite vampires. Angelus asks critically why The Master lives in the sewers. The Master explains that it is a tribute to 'the old ones'. One day, they will rise, and lay waste to the world above them. Angelus asks why. Angelus doesn't understand why anyone would want to live in a rat infested sewage system, when it's quite pleasant above ground. Angelus notes that Darla's always got to have the finest silks and a place with a view. Darla, worried of The Master's reaction to Angelus, clarifies that Angelus just fed, and the blood is still heating up his veins. The Master tells Angelus that vampires should only go above ground to fed and increase the ranks, not to live amongst the human pestilence. Angelus suggests that he couldn't live amongst the humans with a face like The Master's either. Darla slaps Angelus, who seats himself disrespectfully in The Master's unoccupied chair. Angelus asks if The Master's face is irreversible, and Darla explains that The Master has grown beyond the curse of human features. Angelus asks whether or not he's eventually going to get a bat nose too. The Master explains that few vampires are cunning enough to live as long as The Master has, before picking up Angelus and throwing him. Angelus laughs, then offers to take Darla to Naples. The Master punches Angelus. Angelus tells Darla that she doesn't belong in the sewers, bound to The Master, who takes the opportunity to hit Angelus over the head. Angelus tells Darla that she belongs above ground, feeding as she wants and taking what she needs. Angelus offers Darla her view, and everything she wants.

Angelus asks whether Darla would rather look at his own or The Master's face for all eternity. The Master informs Angelus that he made Darla, before asking Darla if she's leaving with the horse. Darla helps Angelus up, and they leave. The Master guesses that Angelus and Darla will be together for a century at the most.

In a book, Angel discovers that Darla means "dear one", and didn't come into common usage until a century after Darla's birth. Angel deduces that The Master probably gave Darla her name, and Angel wonders what Darla's real name was. Angel asks Wesley if he's found anything yet, and Wesley tells him no. Wesley notes that Angel's record of Darla is sometimes spotty. Angel explains that he killed Darla, and W&H brought her back, but Angel doesn't know why she's human. Wesley suggests that W&H realized that they could control human-Darla better than vampire-Darla. Wesley also notes that Darla is probably a distraction sent by W&H, to keep Angel looking in the wrong direction. Angel acknowledges that their plan is working.

Darla, huddled under Lindsey's jacket, is ushered inside Lindsey's office. Lindsey opens the curtains with a remote control, and offers to go buy Darla some food from a nearby vending machine. Holland Manners enters Lindsey's office, and asks Darla how she is. Darla is fine, and happy to see Holland. Holland asks Lindsey for a word, and they both exit the office. Lindsey tells Darla that he'll be right outside.

Holland explains that pre-contact Darla shouldn't be on the premises of W&H. Lindsey explains that there's a problem, and Darla is experiencing post traumatic stress. Holland notes that Darla is cracking up ahead of schedule, but they can just accelerate matters to match Darla's speed. Holland warns Lindsey not to let Darla leave W&H, and to remove all sharp or pointy office supplies or objects from Darla's reach. Just in case.

1880, London: Darla notes to Angelus that a beautiful sailor they just drank could have made a decent vampire, living forever with a perfect face. Angelus comments that the sailor's not going to age either way, but Darla points out that the sailor is now going to rot. Drusilla offers to jump into the dead sailor, as though he was the ocean. Drusilla reveals that she is full and warm with fresh blood, yet she is still alone. Darla offers Angel to Drusilla, but Drusilla explains that Angel's thoughts are filled with Darla, and only Darla. Angelus suggests that the lonely Drusilla make herself a playmate. Drusilla offers poetically that she could find the wisest and bravest knight in all the land, and then make him forever hers with a single, violent kiss. The trio are bumped into by a crying William, who picks up his dropped book and tells them to watch where they're going. Darla suggests that Drusilla could also pick out the first guy who comes along, but Drusilla is eyeing William as he leaves. Angelus questions whether Drusilla will find a good candidate, and Darla tells Angelus that she found him.

Cordy and Wesley present Angel with their findings, and reveal that Darla is living in at Annapolis Olive Oil Import Export, which is a client of W&H. Darla is in room 319, and her room has a view. Cordy told the property manager Sue that Cordy was looking for her estranged blonde older sister named Darla, to tell Darla that their parents are in a coma, and Sue gave Cordy the room number of Darla's suite. Angel takes the address and is prepared to go find Darla. Wesley stops Angel, suggesting that they call Gunn, and do a reconnaissance, before deciding as a team on what the next move is. Cordy agrees that Angel should stay put, because it's the middle of the afternoon and Darla is living in Sun Valley. Wesley takes the address from Angel, before leaving.

Lindsey re-enters his office, as Darla stares out the window. Darla reveals that the name 'Darla' sounds odd, because it's not her original name. Lindsey asks Darla what her name was before, and Darla explains that she's being living as 'Darla' for a long enough time to have forgotten her human alter-ego's name. Darla recounts how Angel killed her, how she stopped existing, and how Lindsey brought her back to life as a human. Darla asks if Lindsey brought back the nameless human, or if he brought back the creature named Darla. Lindsey explains that Darla is just her. Darla asks Lindsey why he hasn't kissed her yet, and Lindsey explains that he wasn't sure if Darla wanted him to. Darla explains that even with a 400-year lifespan, life is too short. Lindsey takes Darla and kisses her softly. Darla reveals that Lindsey doesn't want to screw her, rather he wants to screw Angel up, and that Darla is just a tool for Lindsey to get to Angel. Darla asks Lindsey what she is, and Lindsey doesn't know or care. Darla bites Lindsey's neck, and asks him if he cares now. Lindsey does not. Lindsey decides that she is Darla. 'Darla' would apparently snap Lindsey in half. Lindsey rubs his neck and tells her that he understands. Darla explains that her body is dying and she can feel it, as it's being away by her cancerous soul.

1898, Romania: A ragged Angel stumbles up-hill, while Darla confronts the elder of a pack of gypsies. Darla reveals that the elder took Angelus away, by cursing him a soul, and turning him into Angel. The elder wanted Angel to suffer, just like all of Angelus' victims did. Darla explains that Angelus' victims suffered briefly, in comparison to the eternal suffering Angel will have to now endure. Darla demands Angelus returned to her. Drusilla appears, and asks where Angelus has gone. Darla instructs Drusilla to go back to the gypsy camp and kill things. Drusilla is worried about Angelus missing a massacre, and Darla affirms that Angelus will be along soon enough. Drusilla leaves. Darla offers to spare the lives of the elder's wife and daughters if he reverses Angel's curse. Spike is vamped out and covered in blood, after exiting the wagon that contained the elder's family. Darla realizes that Angelus is lost to her, so she snaps the elder's neck. Drusilla is dancing next to a fire, and Spike joins her. Apparently the gypsies are crying out for mercy, and Darla tells them to give none.

Angel and Cordy are looking over video footage of Darla's trashed apartment, which showed no previous signs of breaking and entering. Gunn and Wesley believe Darla wrecked her own apartment. Angel notes that Darla smashed all the mirrors, because now that she has a soul, she can't stand to look at herself in them. The telephone rings, and Cordy answers it. Angel decides Darla needs help, but Wesley suggests that Darla's apartment might have been setup to look like Darla needs help. Cordy tells Angel the phone is for him, and Angel tells Cordy to take a message. Cordy tells Darla that Angel is to busy trying to find her, but Angel will speak with Darla as soon as he finds her. Angel grabs the phone from Cordy's hand. Darla explains to Angel over the receiver that she wasn't anywhere after she died, so there might not be a hell. Angel confirms that there are several hells, citing his incarceration in one. Darla reminds Angel that he promised to give her everything, and now after four centuries Darla once again feels fear. Lindsey enters his office, and asks Darla what she's doing. Darla asks Angel to help her. Lindsey convinces Darla to put the phone down, while Angel tries several times to get her back on the line. A security guard comes in, asking Lindsey if he needs help with Darla, and Lindsey says no. Angel can hear Darla and Lindsey talking through the receiver, and can hear Darla's heart beat. Darla explains to Lindsey that she needs to go to Angel, because he can help her. Lindsey offers to help Darla, but she refuses. The security guard inches closer to Darla, suggesting they all go see Holland. Darla hits Lindsey in the head with the phone and tries to run past the security guard. Angel, on the other line, hears a struggle, followed by a gunshot.

Later, Holland shows Lindsey the video tape from inside Lindsey's office. After Darla hit Lindsey with the phone, she ran into the guard, who shot himself. Lindsey then helps Darla escape from W&H. Lindsey explains that he was confused, and Holland notes that Lindsey is often confused when it comes to Darla because Lindsey allows his emotions to rule him. Holland reveals the guard's family have been notified, the police have a suspect in custody, and Lindsey is not off of the Darla project. Darla is also in custody of W&H once again. Lindsey asks if she's safe, and Holland won't say. Holland realizes the project is too far out of control, and is being terminated. Holland tells Lindsey to go home and rest, and they can start fresh the next day.

Angel is preparing to leave, and rejects Gunn's offer for assistance. Wesley suggests to Angel that he might be walking into a trap, and Angel acknowledges he knows this. But Darla asked for his help. Angel explains the he understands fully what Darla was, because he was the same, and now that Darla's been burdened with a soul, Angel doesn't want her to face it alone. Wesley reminds Angel that he wandered for a century with a soul, before ever bothering to look for redemption. Angel reveals that he spent that time looking for Darla.

1900, China: During the dark of night, buildings are blazing and there is a panic in the streets. Darla is inside a house, carrying a cloth wrapped package. Angel arrives, after tracking Darla down. Angel reveals that he found Darla by remembering that she never could resist a religious war, that Darla always spoke highly of China, and Angel just followed the careless trail of bodies. Darla suggests that she was being careless because she wanted to be found, and reveals that Drusilla and Spike are also here, helping to spread the rioting. Angel lets go of Darla, who pushes Angel against the wall and holds a knife to his throat. Darla suggests she should kill Angel, and he agrees. Darla questions whether Angel is to cowardly to kill himself, and Angel seems willingly to let her. Darla reveals that Angel smells of soul and the vermin he's been feeding off of. Angel tells Darla to push the knife from one side of his neck to the next, and get it stuck in the wall. Darla pulls away, asking Angel what he wants. Angel wants things to be as they were before; Angelus and Darla. Darla claims that is impossible, for Angel has a soul, but Angel counter-acts by telling her he's still a vampire. Angel asks Darla to let him prove that he's still Angelus, and Darla accepts. The two kiss.

Lindsey is walking through an abandoned parking lot towards his car, while he dials a number on his cell phone. Angel appears behind him and wraps a cable around Lindsey's neck. Angel asks Lindsey where Darla is, before tightening the cord and lifting Lindsey off his feet. Through Lindsey's phone, Cordy chirps out Angel Investigations motto. Angel lets Lindsey onto the ground. Lindsey reveals that W&H are going to kill Darla, if Angel can't stop them. Angel decides Lindsey is lying, and starts tightening the cord again, before Lindsey claims it's true, and Angel lets him down again. Lindsey suggests to Angel that W&H are going to take Darla to an abandoned bank on Figaro and Ninth. Angel starts choking Lindsey again, before Lindsey reveals that W&H didn't tell him where Darla went, and Angel stops. Lindsey suggests that Darla will probably be underground. Angel warns him that if this is a trick, Angel will come back and find Lindsey.

Back in China, Angel searches the riots for Darla. Angel finds a missionary family huddled in an alleyway, before being attacked by a man with a sword. Angel knocks the man senseless, then leaves the missionary family alone. Darla appears, and notices the missionaries Angel left alive in the alley. Together, the two go and find Drusilla and a bloody Spike. Drusilla reveals that Spike just killed his first vampire Slayer. Angel congratulates Spike half-heartedly, with Spike now being an official member of the gang. Spike reminds Angel that a new Slayer is chosen as soon as the last one dies, and Spike offers to let Angel fight the next one first. Drusilla also notes that there is something hiding in the alleyway behind Angel. Angel claims that the rebellion has become boring. In a slow-motion shot, Angel, Darla, Drusilla, and Spike all walk down the street, amongst the burning buildings and the continuing riot. Darla is watching Angel, suspiciously.

Darla is tossed out of a white van by three men in white. One of them pulls out a gun and aims it at Darla.

Back in China, Angel enters Darla's house, and Darla questions where he went. Angel claims to have been feeding, but Darla points out that he was feeding on rats. Angel notes that Darla has seen Angel feed several times since being re-ensouled, but Darla points out that Angel only feeds off of evildoers, such as murders, rapists, scoundrels, and thieves. Angel tells Darla that he can prove himself, and Darla reveals the missionary family's baby in a basket. Darla explains that while Angel was feeding on rats, Darla went back and killed the family, before stealing their baby. Darla is angry, and tells Angel that now is the time to act.

The man is still aiming a gun at Darla, when Angel arrives in his convertible. One man grabs Darla while Angel jumps over the windshield and kicks the gun out of the man's hand. Angel quickly beats up the three white-clad men, before approaching Darla.

In the lobby of W&H, Lindsey notices Holland shaking a man's hand. Lindsey realizes that the man is the guard, who apparently died earlier. Holland notices Lindsey staring at them.

Lindsey enters his office, followed by Holland. Holland explains that the trick was intended to fool Lindsey, Darla, and Angel. Lindsey notes that Darla will never give Angel the moment of pure happiness he needs to turn into Angelus. Holland explains that wasn't his intention, but rather for Angel to save Darla's soul.

Darla lies on the sofa in the Hotel, while Angel, Cordy, Gunn and Wesley stand around her. Cordy suggests taking Darla to a doctor, and Darla wakes up and says no. Angel asks for a minute of privacy, and the rest of Team Angel leave. Darla reveals to Angel that she thought she was as good as dead. Darla explains that she was brought back to life as a means for W&H to get to Angel. Darla asks Angel to take away her pain, and turn her back into a vampire. Angel, taken aback, offers to help Darla, but not by siring her. Darla tells Angel that she gave him immortality, and now he has to return the favor. Angel reveals that Darla punished Angel by turning him into a vampire, not helped him. Darla offers to let Angel take his vengeance then. Angel says that he can't.

Back in China, Angel refuses to feed off of the baby. Darla is disgusted with Angel. Angel grabs the basket and runs away from Darla.

Darla runs from a pursuing Angel, and gets to the front doors of the Hotel. Darla tells Angel not to look for her again, before leaving. Angel watches Darla leave, without making a move to stop her.