Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'I released you from this world once. I gave you eternal life. Now its time for you to return the favor.'

    ‘Darla’ is the second part of the Buffy episode called ‘Fool For Love’ cantering on the Darla characters, the episode is one of Tim Minear’s best work, heck, it’s one of this season’s best which is saying something. The episode begins with Angel drawing Darla and continuing his obsession her has over her. Meanwhile Darla is at Lindsey’s, all the glasses are broken and she has cut herself with them. She is having difficulties with her soul and says that she is now Angel’s soul mate.

    This episode contains flashbacks of Darla’s past, the way she was turned by The Master and how she met Angel. Together with him, they left The Master to live it up. We also see some scenes that were on Buffy only from Darla’s perspective. The way they caught up with Dru and met Spike, and the way Angel sought Darla back after she had left him and how he tried to protect some missionaries from her. Holland continues to use Lindsey as a puppet, first he makes Lindsey believe that they are going to get rid of Darla because she is ahead of schedule, so he helps her to escape and informs Angel about it which is exactly what Holland wanted, Angel saves Darla and picks her up to bring her back to his place.

    The flashbacks in this episode were fantastic. Darla knew that Angel had tried to save some missionaries so she killed them and brought the baby for Angel to kill, he had to prove himself but he couldn’t pretend to be something that he wasn’t and that’s how he leaves her for good.

    When Darla is at Angel’s place she asks him to turn her because she thinks it’s the only way. She says that the soul in her is destroying her body and she can’t take it, but Angel can’t do that to her, he says that she cursed him by making him a vampire and that he won’t do it back. Darla is upset and runs out of the hotel telling Angel to never look for her again.

    ‘Darla’ is an episode with class, Julie Benz gives an amazing performance, especially her scene with Lindsey when she asks him what she is and bites him, Darla really doesn’t love souls.
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