Season 2 Episode 5

Dear Boy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Present Day – Angel is still dreaming of Darla. To the point of dozing off for a minute while talking to Cordelia and Wesley. Cordelia is hit with a vision about a Thrall Demon residing in a water tank. Angel knows the location. It used to be a convent. Angel has a thing for convents. They call Gunn and the four of them head over to the location to kill the Thrall Demon.

During the battle, Angel gets a bit of tunnel vision and ignores the fight around him in favor of beating repeatedly on one demon in particular. The others seemed concerned about him afterwards. He's off his game. Angel decides to go for a walk to clear his head.

He ends up on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. (Yes, it was a long walk.) As he makes his way through the leisurely strolling crowd, he spots a familiar face. It's Darla. Stunned, he tries to catch up to her but loses sight of her behind the giant talking hot dog.

London, 1860 -- Angelus comes upon Darla, who has just killed a member of the nobility and the streetwalker he was trying to proposition. She has a surprise for him. A family strolls by, three young virginal daughters in tow. Angelus senses there's something about the one in the middle. The woman turns…it's Druscilla.

Present Day – Angel returns to the office and tells Cordelia and Wesley about seeing Darla but they don't believe him. Darla was staked three and a half years ago. That couldn't possibly have been her. Vampires don't come back.

They have more important matters to discuss anyway. A new client who believes that his wife may be cheating on him. The Bat Pack track the wife to a hotel where, sure enough, she's making an illicit love connection. Angel decides that this aspect of PI work is too tacky for him and breaks his cover.

After handing over the incriminating film and telling the wife to go home to her husband, he spots Darla in the lobby. He races over and grabs her but she claims to be a woman named DeEtta Kramer. Security comes to aid her and she breaks away from Angel. She races outside to her husband, Stephen…in the sunlight. Yep, she's human.

When they return to the office, Cordy and Wes are concerned that Angel is losing it. He is adamant that the woman at the hotel was Darla. It smelled like her. Wesley scoffs at that until Angel informs Wesley that he can smell that Wes had sex with a bleached blond the previous night. Angel instructs Cordelia to find out what she can about DeEtta and Stephen Kramer while he tries "some other avenues." He's willing to do whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes turns out to be a rather horrific rendition of "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung. After apologizing to the audience, as well he should, he asks the Host for help. The Host warns him to stay away from Darla. She's not on his path and going her way will only lead to trouble. A way tense Angel calls Cordy who gives him the Kramers address. They bring Gunn in to assist. Cordelia and Wesley fill him in on Darla and Angelus aka the Undead Bonnie and Clyde.

London, 1860 – Angelus is at the Sisters of Mercy convent, having just killed the entire convent. He remarks that convents are like cookie jars to Darla. Darla notices a very much alive Druscilla in the corner. She asks Angelus why he didn't kill the girl. He remarks that to kill her would be kind. If he turns her, it's eternal torment. He asks Darla, "Am I learning?" She seems clearly stunned by just how much he has learned.

Present Day – Angel heads out to pay the Kramers a little visit. Turns out, it's all a set up by Darla and Lindsey. They make it appear as if Angel broke into the house and killed Stephen Kramer. As the police burst in, Angel escapes out a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Kate arrives on the scene and Darla plays the grieving housewife. Kate promises retribution and then turns away for a moment. A hand descends from above grabbing Darla and pulling her up.

Gunn is now at the office. Kate and her SWAT team storm into the hotel searching for Angel. She mouths off to the others about how Angel wouldn't listen to "DeEtta" when she told him to stay away. Instead, he "broke down the door and killed her husband."

Gunn points out that Angel is a vampire. So how did he get into the house uninvited? Wesley shows Kate a picture of Darla taken a century ago. Kate recognizes her as the woman claiming to be DeEtta Kramer. Kate doesn't care that clearly this was someone setting up Angel. She only cares that Angel's existence has caused innocent people to get caught in the crossfire.

Angel has taken Darla back to the water tank at the old convent grounds. After a little foreplay, her game of being DeEtta is tossed aside. She tries to get Angel to give in. She can give him that moment of happiness so he can get rid of that pesky soul. Angel tells her she did a lot of things to him when they were together but she never made him happy.

Darla flies into a rage that he could claim such a thing. Angel points out that he couldn't have experienced bliss with her because he had no soul at the time. Darla tells him that she can smell how much he wants her. "My boy's still in there, and he wants out." Angel is shaken by this. They argue some more and Angel grabs her by the throat threatening to kill her if she hurts any more innocent people. Darla presses a cross against him and it smokes against his skin.

She tells him that it's proof that no matter what he does, God doesn't want him. But she confesses that she still does. Then she turns and walks out into the sunlight.

Later, back at the hotel, Cordy and Wes pay Angel a visit in his room. They're worried. He reassures him that he didn't go bad. Wesley warns him to be careful. With Darla conspiring with Wolfram & Hart, there's bound to be trouble. Angel's response?

"I say bring it on."
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